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Six matches, six draw in the final of the chess championship


In London, midfielder Magnus Carlsen and his challenger Fabiano Caruana have won the World Cup final for 12 matches. In the first team, the three-time Norwegian world champion was overwhelmed by the American grandmother's darkness, and he lost his winnings. After four failed moves, in the sixth match, Caruana left unsurpassed high odds and could not avail his reward. The six characters show that we are facing balanced forces, Fabiano Caruana is well prepared for the final and seems more motivated by the defending champion.

Just like the World Cup two years ago, they won only in the first half of the match. In New York, Magnus Carlsen missed a big chance against Russian Sergei Karakain in the third game and in the fourth round he beat his opponent who saved the games with a tough defense. In the British capital, Fabiano Caruana was in big trouble in the first round of the finals, but the defending champion left the rival of a serious time and ended the opportunity.

At the moment, Carlsen (b.) Nor Caruana has not been able to exploit his opponents mistakesSource: AFP / Ben Stansall

The happy escape had a beneficial effect on the Caruana game, elevated with increased excitement, becoming more and more confident. America's preparations have been successful, Carlsen also acknowledged that it is particularly difficult to find his opponent in the first place. He tried with the lead, then with the English opening, and finally opened in the sixth part with 1st and 4th. Caruana has chosen the Russian hussar game as expected. In his party in the Sinquefield Cup in August, the world champion was confused by a new idea. Both camps looked at the party and surprisingly, Carlsen decided that they would replace the theoretical duel with an early change of control. An interesting midfield game was developed, odds were equal, the triple world champion found it harder to plan. Caruana, with the 21st … c5, has surprised the defending champion.

Source: Origo

21 … c5! 22.Fc2 0-0 23.Bd1 Bfd8 24.Hg2 cxd4 25.cxd4 Bac8 26.Fb3 Hc6 27.Ff4 Ha5 28.Bdc1 Fb4! 29.Fd1 Hc4 30.b3 Ha3 31.Bxc8 Bxc8 32.Bc1 Hb5 33.Bxc8 + Fxc8 followed and Carlsen 34.He3 ?! He went down the hill.

The weakness of the foot wing structure of the light wing wing became increasingly noticeable, Caruana missed a good chance for stage 40 in a shorter time, and Carlsen received a three-way replacement.

Source: Origo

44.Fxd5! Fxe3! 45.Fxc6 Fxf4 46.Fxb7 Fd6 47.Fxa6 He4 48.g4 Fa3 49.Fc4 Kf8 50.g5 With Hc3 51.b4 the world champion is a good defender. It was incredibly interesting for the playoffs, there were no comments as to whether the position could win. After an erroneous royal step, the new critical moment of the party was created.

Source: Origo

Caruana 68 … continued with Hf3? The computer found its dark victory: 68 … Fh4! 69.Fd5 He2 70.Ff3 Hg1! 71.Fd5 Fg5 72.Kh7 He2 73.Ff3 Hg3, the runner can no longer return to diagonal a2-g8 and after 74.Fg4 the dark king could have taken action with 74 … Kf7. In more than one lifetime battle it is not easy to find this price.

At the press conference after the party, Magnus Carlsen saw a lot of agonized and Fabiano Caruana was clearly more motivated and liberated. Of course, they asked for 68 … Fh4 option, but filthy profits were just a thorough analysis. The pages agreed after the 80th round in the root.

The match resumes on Sunday with the seventh game, replacing the game with Carlsen again. Will they have an effective weapon in the second half or will they be more cautious about the parties? 6-6, the playoff would determine the fate of the World Cup title.

World Cup Finals:
Magnus Carlsen (Norwegian, 2835) – Fabiano Caruana (American, 2832) 3 – 3
Fabiano Caruana – Magnus Carlsen Draws (Sicilian Defense, 115)
Magnus Carlsen – Fabiano Caruana tie (with Vezércs, 49)
Fabiano Caruana – Magns Carlsen Tie (Sicilian Defense, 49)
Magnus Carlsen – Fabiano Caruana draw (English Open, 34)
Fabiano Caruana – Magnus Carlsen Draws (Sicilian Defense, 34)
Magnus Carlsen – Fabiano Caruana Rita (Russian Housekeeper, 80)

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