Tuesday , May 11 2021

The Prime Minister acknowledged Gruevsky's special treatment

Since yesterday, the government refused to provide any specific information on the issue of international scandal that the former Macedonian Prime Minister escaped from prison in Hungary. We also had Péter Szijjártó in trouble and said he can not tell how Nikola Gruevski has arrived without a passport.

Now the prime minister has finally issued a statement. They confirm that "Nikola Gruevski has submitted an asylum application to the competent Hungarian authority. The former Prime Minister of Macedonia has made a declaration of submission of a refugee status application in Hungary."

Nikola Gruevski before the announcement of the judgment before 5 October 2018Photo: ROBERT ATANASOVSKI / AFP

But how did a circumcised foreign citizen go through the Hungarian border without a passport? This is what they say:

"For security reasons, Nikola Gruevski allowed Nikola Gruevski to have his asylum application filed and heard at the head office of the Immigration and National Agency's office in Budapest, given that he has been prime minister in his country for 10 years. The Office of the Immigration and National Agency will conduct the asylum procedure in in accordance with Hungarian law in accordance with international law. "

According to the Helsinki Committee, if Gruevski does not have a passport, he should wait in the transit zone.

As we wrote in our morning paper, Viktor Orbán, when taking Putyshin Gruevski, has to choose between Kremlin and NATO on the face of the world, but the prime minister's statement stressed that this was just a legal question:

"Macedonia is a strategic partner and an important alliance in Hungary. Good cooperation between the two countries is an important basis for the development of the Balkans and Europe's security. Hungary's partners in intergovernmental relations are the current Macedonian government, so we do not intend to interfere with the internal affairs of sovereign countries in some way and we consider only the former Macedonian Prime Minister's asylum application. Legal information will be provided by the Hungarian authorities, in accordance with Hungarian law, until the process is completed. "

The former Macedonian Prime Minister announced Tuesday that he was in Budapest asking for asylum in Hungary. The reason for this was that he had received many deaths and fears for life in recent days and turned to the Hungarian authorities. The Macedonian authorities have confirmed that they are really in Hungary. How it came to the country was mystery and passports previously involved.



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