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They have cut their Hungarian sights in the UN


November 15, 2018, 22:56

The UN Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) said Friday that the Hungarian Human Rights Attorney had been arrested by the UN Human Rights Attorney because, according to him, he did not allow them to be transferred to the Hungarian Serbian border.

It is said that the bourgeois organization is credible to say that during a transit there is no denial of the right to freedom of expression. "It's unfortunate that the immigrants who remain in these transit cases are deprived of their freedom in international law," said Elina Steinerte and Setondji Roland Adjovi, a member of the United Nations Workforce for Small and Medium-sized Workers. The UN delegation was led by the Hungarian government on the basis of the Human Rights Act established in 2013, beginning on November 12, 2018.

UNHRC should allow independent exams to enable governments to ensure that investigations can discourage discreet actions, including "confidential and confidential contact with detainees". According to the UN Human Rights website, the specialists expressed their disappointment, so the Hungarian leaders did not assure that this was the case, and that made the working group diligently.

"Independent international, national and regional organizations must provide unnecessary access to all areas where people are deprived of their freedom of movement, including transit," said the UN Human Rights Council. "In a leg it is indispensable in human rights laws" – in the law. At the same time, the working group expressed the impression that the Hungarian government was scratching and that it is possible to continue the process of publishing a website while formulating some insurance against the risks of free use.


Police take over Transit Gate Gate – Illustrations (Foot: MTI / Kelemen Zoltn Gergely)

UNHRC stressed that in Hungary only people in this transit can enter human menstruation. According to the World Organization's Human Rights Working Group, all transit countries in Hungary are responsible for the deal, which they can leave in Serbia on time. Dpa nmet points out that the sabotage rules for Hungarian refugees are considered a safe third country for Serbia and that they will automatically leave the protection therefrom. Human Rights Organizations, UN Security Council (UNHCR) and the European Union have also ignored this standard because they consider humanitarian law a human right. – MTI

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