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We show you in which county patisserie we can taste this year's cake in Hungary – fotk | Dunnl | Gyr-Moson-Sopron

For the 13th time, the confectionery industry honors our national tastes before our national holiday. National Confederation of Hungarian Confectioners "Hungary's cake"This year's winner of the competition is the cake of the blessed lace, made by Norbert Tóth, a pastry chef in Dunaföldvár.

Lady of Lace
Lace of the Blessed Virgin is the popular name for raspberry. It is named for its spongy leaves and besides its tasty it is one of our healthiest fruits due to its remarkably high vitamin content.
The winning cake is m
The winner’s cake deserves to be named after all the layers of this delicious fruit. A cake contains more than six hundred grams of raspberries.

Small chestnut wins the sugar-free cake from the Hungary Prize.

The sugar-free cake Hungary competition is announced each year by the One Drop Attention Foundation in collaboration with the Hungarian Confectionery Industry Association in parallel with the Hungarian cake competition. This year, László Gyuris, the winner of the Cappella Confectionery in Szeged, won the winner of the Small Chestnut.
Norbert Tóth, master of the Tóth confectionery in Dunaföldvár, presents his work. Photos: MTI

The two delicacies will be available from Aug. 18 at the following pastry shops in Gyr-Moson-Sopron County.

Sweet Dream Confectionery and Cafe Bezenye 9223 Bezenye, Táncsics M. u. First

Kati Confectionery Csorna 9300 Csorna, Sopron u. 4 / D

Bullets confectionery Csorna 9300 Csorna, Laky D. u. 8.

Vienna Cafe Gyr 9021 Gyr, Arany János u. 18.

Ball Confectionery Gyr 9022 Gyr, Kazinczy u. 18.

Mézes Zserbó Confectionery Hegyeshalom 9222 Hegyeshalom, Filmszínház u. 2 / B

Monarchy Café Mosonmagyaróvár 9200 Mosonmagyaróvár Jókai released 8.

Dömötöri Confectionery Sopron 9400 Sopron, Széchenyi tér 13.

Gino confectionery Sopron 9400 Sopron, Lackner K. u. 33 / A.

Harrer Chocolate and Confectionery Sopron 9400 Sopron, Faller J. u. 4.

Hoffer confectionery Sopron 9400 Sopron, Castle District 86.

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