Wednesday , April 21 2021

We won two games, but 10 days ago the bracelet is the subject

Hungarian national team won a convincing game with Ádám Szalai and Ádám Nagy to win 2-0 against Finland in the sixth round of the National League group phase. After the blowout, the protagonists evaluated what they saw as M4 Sport.

"In the last two games, the guys made a big effort and showed how motivated they were, but first and foremost they showed how proud they would wear this shirt." From the beginning I asked them. "It is very important that we are proud of the fans was a very special match, this is something related to my family history, not just for work, but we can not win in Tallinn but overall we are pleased with our performance. There are four months left, we must come to the same attitude and trust, "said Marco Rossi, who first directed the team to the Hungarian audience.

Juda and Szalai celebrate the leadership of the Hungarian national teamPhoto: Attila Polyák – Origo

"I am very pleased with the first goal and it was important that we win the National League with victory and that with confidence and with two good matches we should go back to the back, we have discussed that we will be pushed from the start as we did Thursday, why not come in, why not celebrate, but the situation was unusual to me. If I do not kick it, I'm sure I would have got it because it was a playable man on both sides. It's not easy to do because it takes four months and then we start with a straight line, "said Ádám Nagy.

"The goal was very good because I felt we did not control the game in 5-10 minutes. We are constantly evolving with the new federal captain, for example, we have played a new series (3-5-2)" We have won two mosques , but the bracelet is 10 days of the subject, "evaluated Szalai.

"Adam helped us a lot, he knew how to lead the team, we looked good, we had a good run, we had several opportunities, we were very happy, we played two matches without goals and I told the guys I had seen the team were so united, everyone knew what it was, everyone was motivated. I'm excited about the games in March, says Djudzsak.

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