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Women's Handball BL – Passed by Audi ETO in Podravka | Sports – Football, Handball, Basketball | Gyor-Moson-Sopron

Women's Handball Champions League, Group C

Gyor Audi ETO KC – HC Podravka Vegeta

Audi Aréna, Győr
Jv .: Ilieva, Karbeska (Macedonians)

Audi ETO KC from Gyor: Knedlikova, Afentaler, Varga E., Brattset, Hansen, Leynaud, Görbicz, Oftedal, Amorim, Kristiansen, Groot, Fodor, Bódi, Puhalák, Kiss É., Grimsbö. Dir. Coach: Gábor Danyi.

HC Podravka Vegeta: Tucakovic, Zadravec, Turk, Holesova, Karlovcan, Popovic, Milosevic, Dzono, Milosavljevic, Risovic, Franusic, Ecimovic, Chigirinova, Ikhneva, Debelic, Yezhykava. Dir. coach: Nenad Smiljanec.

1 minute

ETO begins the match, the girls in Gyor play in pure green. Guests are white and black.
Beginning with the Croats: Risovic, Yezhykava, Molisevic, Holesova, Turk, Dzono, Risovic. For Győrs: Éva Kiss, Amorim, Fuhalák, Bódi, Hansen, Brattset, Groot.
At the end of the attack on Győr there is no goal, but Holesova strikes. Amorim reacts quickly. 1-1

3 minutes

Big Seven. 2-1

4 minutes

Bodi finds Kiss's defense. 3-1

5 minutes

Turk adorns the wind, Groot responds quickly. 4-2

6 minutes

By the end of autumn, Bodi is successful. 5-2

7 minutes

Hansen plays with a flush and throws a goal. 6-2. Croatia asks for time.

8 minutes

Chigirinova sells the punishment. 6-3.

9 minutes

Bódi is the next Gyor goal. 7-3

10 minutes

Gobo shooter, Blow-out. 8-3

11 minutes

Turk does not find a port from the right. At the end of the measure in Gyor, Amorim is more accurate. 9-3

12 minutes

Kiss has not yet come with a bravura, but the goalkeeper has no chance of making a counter attack because the Macedonian judges are dismissed from the box.

13 minutes

Ikhneva's goal is to catch Podravka Vegeta. 9-4. Hansen throws in response bitang a big goal. 10-4

15 minutes

Kiss this time with the gate, and Risovic has the Croatian defense: there is no new goal on both sides.

16 minutes

Holesova makes a result from the left. 10-5

17 minutes

Protecting the blasts protected by Risovic, at the end of the Croatian operation there is no antidote to Kiss against Milosavljevic's shot. 10-6. Gábor Danyi asks for time.

18 minutes

Hasens bombing in the net. 11-6

19 minutes

Passive shot Dzono, Kiss defends.

20 minutes

First, Knedlikova made Amorim a goal. 13-6. Yezhykava stands out for two minutes, favored by Audi ETO.

21 minutes

Turk from the wind. 13-7. Then comes Kristiansen. 14-7

22 minutes into the game

Chigirinova makes a good goal. Then a quick shot from ETO, but the ball to the empty goal. Hansen fails a few seconds later. 15-8

23 minutes into the game

Chigirinova is on the right side, no goal on the other side, the ball from right to left passes the Croatian defenders.

26 minutes into the game

Kristiansen is once again the goalkeeper. 16-8. Kiss puts the shot from the left on a nice Podravka action.

27 minutes into the game

Turk gets his third goal. 16-9

28 minutes into the game

Görbicz shot hit the block.

30 minutes

From Görbicz bass. 17-9. The captain of the Győr team took the gate from the center of 9 meters. The Croatian team is hurting the sixth, Grimsbøn does not have to intervene, the ball hits the target. At the end of the quick bet there is no goal from Gyor, the end of half-time.


5327 people are the official number of spectators.

31 minutes into the game

The second half begins at Grimsby in Göteborgsporten. Brattset is good, and Ikhneva stands for two minutes. 18-9

32 minutes into the game

Farm plants benefit from Gyor made up to ten. 19-9

33 minutes into the game

The Croatian gate is empty, and Amorim looks up and finds it after receiving a ball. 20-9. Time requirements from Podravka.

35 minutes into the game

Love can not stop. 21-9. Brattset is also effective. 22-9

37 minutes into the game

Croatian timeout. The Croatian action on the marathon end ends with Grimsbra's head and the medical staff comes in. The fans are scandalizing their name, it may also help to cure quickly.

38 minutes into the game

Grimsbö protects twice in good time.

39 minutes into the game

He cleans the ball at six Bratts, and there is no chance he can afford Tucakovic. 23-9

40 minutes into the game

Groot gets a good shot. Then Groot gets another good goal. 25-9. The Croatian team has been unbeaten during the second half.

42 minutes into the game

Grimsbö protected.

43 minutes into the game

Feet from the left: 26-9. Karlovcan breaks Podravka goal silence. 26-10.

44 minutes into the game

Timeout on Győr page. Kristiansen is successful. 27-10. Grimsbö defends a formidable form and strikes a Croatian shot.

45 minutes into the game

Görbicz is again in a leading position, and once again he gets half a goal. Chigirinova answers with one goal. 28-11. Leynaud comes to the port of Gyor.

46 minutes into the game

Kristiansen strikes fourth goal. 29-11

47 minutes into the game

Leynaud is also a defender. Görbicz's shot goes off this time.

48 minutes into the game

Popovic sells punishment, it was his first hit. 29-12.

49 minutes into the game

Leynaud also decided to "protect his eyes" from Caproncai. It protects twice in a minute. Kristiansen is once again a good player to succeed in Győr. 30-12.

50 minutes into the game

You'll find Görbicz after a break. 31-12.

51 minutes into the game

The advantage of Gyor is swollen to twenty, Görbicz is successful. 32-12. The fans count 10 for the guests.

52 minutes into the game

Knedlicova is pulled and pulled, but he is still in the gate. 33-12

53 minutes into the game

Chigirinova made the 13th Croatian goal. 33-13. Knedlicova is betting. 34-13.

54 minutes into the game

Debelic can gladly meet you. 34-14

55 minutes into the game

Zadrevic also gets its first goal. This is where Gyor's answer comes, Afentaler. 35-15.

56 minutes into the game

Seven can shoot at Podravka. Franusic stands there selling the punishment. 35-16.

57 minutes into the game

Zadrevic scored a goal. Scots over Varga.

58 minutes into the game

Leynaud defends. The arena is on the floor.

59 minutes into the game

Croatian roar, the gate is over. Kristiansen pays: 36-17.

60 minutes into the game

Leynaud protects and starts shooting shooters, no beeps. However, at the end of the counterattack, the Macedonian judges are judged seven times. Franusic puts the ball on top, and at the end of the fast move in Győr, Emmae Varga's goal ends just before the end of the match. 37-17.


The song from the Hungarian folk theme song greets fans of Gyor's girls, the Audi ETO choir.


This year there will be no match at Audi Arena, next time FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria will receive the Audi ETO team next January.


There is only one team that has closed the BL Group of Women's Handball with 100% Performance, Győri Audi ETO KC!

On Saturday night, half a dozen at the Audi Arena, Győr Audi ETO KC receives HC Podvarka Vegeta-team.

The Croatian side has managed to win once in the group's matches and leaves the contest three times as a loser, so it is Group 3 in third place. For the Kapronca team, it is the bet of the game that if they are disqualified in Gyor and the other group in the match, Thüringer HC RK Crimea Mercatort wins, when the Croatians say goodbye to the series.

The two teams played in Kapronca in October and won the team from 27 to 33 in Győr.

Audi ETO has so far 100 percent balance, winning the last group event would also mean that they would move to the semifinal with max points.

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