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Bigg Boss 12, Weekend Ka Vaar, Day 63 LIVE Updates: Salman Cancels Evictions Because of Shivashish | TV

Before the fans could recover from Shivashish's shocking eviction, the story of Sunday's episode of Bigg Boss 12, Weekend Ka Vaar, increased. The episode featured a special guest Farah Khan – a former host of reality show – who brought a sound / visual treatment for Salman Khan and the viewers.

Farah's video showed how the relationships changed in the house and how some participants show recurring moves. For example, she told Salman that Sreesanth usually complains that he does not want to go to prison, but still ends up eating some food.

Farah also visited the house, where she posed some challenges in front of the house parents. Sreesanth was made to stand before everyone, with his mouth dropping away, as the others told him in the face what they did not like him. At the same time, Jasleen was considered to be the most jealous of the party, and Romil was told she threw a bucket of water so she stopped burning jealousy.

Jasle's clash with Srishty was further initiated in the Sultani Akhada Round with Salman, with the two wearing sumo costumes and showing off.

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10:10 pm IST

The episode ends with a great battle between Romil and Dipika

Dipika is angry with Romil's decision to name his man in the game they played earlier. She screams at him and becomes emotional.

10:00 AM

Salman interrupts eviction

Deepak, Sreesanth, Dipika, Jasleen, Srishty and Romil are the nominees. Salman says that because Shivashish has already been exposed, there will be no further promises this week.

9:55 pm IST

Jasleen and Srishty fight in Sultani Akhada

Srishty calls Jasleen high in verbal duel, and Jasleen answers by calling Srishty's decision-making. Salman explains Srishty the winner of the first round.

Srishty and Jasleen fight it out in the physical task, where they are made to fight in sumo wrestling fits. Jasleen wins this round and with the Sultani Akhada match.

9:50 pm IST

Salman talks with Somi's family

Somis mom says she is very fond of Somi and the chance to talk to Salman. Salman asks Somi's mother that she is linked to Deepak. Somi's mother says they are children and that is part of the game. Salman greets Somi and Saba's mother to raise the two girls alone.

9:40 pm IST

Salman plays a game with contestants

Salman shows the comrades a board with a sentence written on it – "Itna hi___tha toh ___ ghar mein aaye kyun?" – but with a few words missing. Salman asks contestants to fill in the topics. Romil, Srishty and Somi give Sreesanth's name, Karanvir gives its own name. Megha is named four people, but Salman ends her. She chooses Romil. Dipika also chooses Romil because she thinks he does not follow the rules for the show. Sreesanth is called Karanvir and Rohit's name Megha.

9:30 PM IST

Farah sorts competitors on the basis of their sins

Romil is said to be the funniest competitor. Sreesanth is considered to be the scary, Jasleen the most gluttonous and the most in vain and the most jealous. Deepak, meanwhile, is considered to be the most beneficial.

9:25 pm IST

Romil and Srishty perform a talk show

In the second task, Romil is commissioned to host a talk show with guest Srishty, pretending to be a "bahu" – based on Dipika. The scene includes Srishty who complains about the house, but only the domestic issues – like leaving food and missing his husband.

Srishty's other characters are based on Megha, which she plays as a fighter.

Then Srishty sounds Sreesanth and threatens everyone to beat them up.

9:20 pm IST

Farah enters the house

Now that the ball and the games are over, Farah enters the house with a few challenges for contestants. She asks Deepak and Somi to perform on the Dilwale song Gerua. But Farah is not impressed, so she asks Deepak to do with Rohit, who maintains all the people.

9:15 pm IST

Farah is her best three contestant

When Salman asks Farah to name her top three contestants, she puts Sreesanth on number one, followed by Deepak and then Dipika.

9:10 pm IST

Farah shows a video of Sreesanth

Next is Sreesanth, as she says, likes to do a big show of things before he follows. She gives an example of how Sreesanth always complains about not wanting to go to prison, but still ends up having a little food.

9:00 pm IST

Farah Khan is on the show

Salman Khan welcomes the director / choreographer Farah Khan on the show. Farah had previously completed Salman's host in a previous season when Salman had to fulfill his film commitments.

Farah says Bigg Boss is her favorite program and continues to discuss the participants. She says Dipika behaves like Meena Kumari in the house and is overdramatic. Farah thinks Dipika has real feelings for Sreesanth.

Farah shows next time Salman a video of Megha, whom she likes to be in the middle of the action. Then Farah shows the audience and Salman a video of Deepak and how he blossoms up.

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