Friday , April 23 2021

Goa activist on hunger strike wants Manohar Parrikar to go down

Manohar Parrikar suffers from advanced pancreatic cancer and has been in and out of hospital


Goa RTI Forum on Sunday extended its support to its member Rajan Ghate, who is fast dead, calling for the weak Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar to leave.

On Sunday, Ghates went fast on his third day.

Forum coordinator Sandeep Heble said members of the RTI group supported Ghate's demands.

"A government must be for the people and not to be completely dependent on an individual or a handful of individuals in order for it to work efficiently. No one is indispensable. We must accept this reality in life. No matter what life is moving on. The government must also. A democracy is people's highest and must be respected, "said Heble in a statement.

Mr Ghate, who stuck in Panaji's square, has said he would continue his hunger strike until Parrikar resigned.

"The chief executive can not go to the office, he has not met any citizen for several months now. The administration has been closed because of his inability to rule because of his illness. He must leave. Will continue until he finishes," said Ghate .

Mr Parrikar suffers from advanced pancreatic cancer and has been in and out of hospitals in Goa, Mumbai, New York and Delhi for almost nine months. He returned from the New Delhi All-India Institute of Medical Sciences on October 14th and has not moved from his private residence to any official event since.

The Opposition Congress and the Parish Cabinet Colleges have expressed concern that government administration has suffered because of the absence of the Minister's long-term absence.

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