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Here is your horoscope for November 11, 2018


You are seen, noted and heard today, because there are media exposure and social interaction. A personal plan may be disturbed or postponed temporarily. Your presence in many situations gives balance and harmony wherever you need it. Be easy and playful today. Lucky number 2. Color orange.


Queen of Swords provides clarity and perspective in chaotic situations and relationships. You are individualistic and not ready to make compromises. You can accurately evaluate people and situations, but need to act graciously. Participate in current events. Lucky number 6. Color blue.


You can maintain balance in your mind and heart even in professional and personal matters, which is best for now. It is time to concentrate on your career opportunities and skills as a campaign or lucrative opportunity is likely to present itself soon. Lucky number 6. Color pink.


Delegate responsibilities and let others blossom and grow to their potential. You may not comply with social norms and patterns. Meditation, spiritual exercise, exercise or dance can be therapeutic. Beware of sudden reactions from unexpected persons. Lucky number 6. Color green.


You can wait with friends to support you through a trial. Good health and energy allows you to handle versatile activity and busy schedules. Success in a current venture gives you material profit and professional stability. A home exchange is possible now. Lucky number 7. Color blue.


Partnerships work quite well because you have support, as well as space and freedom available to you. You can handle two interests or aspects of work simultaneously. Women play important roles in your life today. You add creative energy to everything you do. Lucky number 2. Color blue.


The sun and moon gather to balance Yin (susceptible) and Yang (dynamic) energies for success! Trust your intuition when you meet choices. A Sagittarius wants to join you in a profit-free project. Your ability to communicate well offers great opportunities. Lucky number 9. Color red.


It is best to be wise and careful in all aspects to gain success and goodwill today. Beware of a penny wise and pound-foolish attitude. You tend to be careful in small things at the expense of the big ones. Relationships flourish in lasting commitments. Lucky number 8. Color red.


You connect again with people you have not seen for a long time, because life gives you the whole circle to the same point. A trip to your old home, family and friends is rejuvenating, so nice memories are celebrated. It's a magical time for relationships. Happy number 18. Color cream.


It's time to go with the flow of life instead of swimming upstream after all that happens, as it should. Trust your feelings and intuition about people and situations when making decisions. Work and pleasure can be combined because you like what you do. Lucky number 1. Color pink.


Natural forces seem to track your destiny in another direction, because now you have to be authentic and match your true feelings and priorities. You can no longer play roles and be restricted by them. Your endurance takes you towards the implementation of projects. Lucky number 1. Color red.


It is best to say goodbye to the past and move into the new and positive stream for the future. Avoid a negative, melancholic and destructive person who can cause an accident and abuse in the family today. Delays in implementing projects can not be ruled out. Lucky number 3. Color rose.

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