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#MeToo campaign Chinmayi ends from Tamil Nadu dubbing union, the singer says "96" last movie-The New Indian Express


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Singer, voice actor and leading #MeToo sexual harassment, Chinmayi Sripaada has apparently been dismissed from the Tamil Nadu Dubbing Union, quoting that the payment fee has not been paid in the past two years.

In October this year, she had made allegations of sexual misunderstanding veteranist Vairamuthu. She had also supported two women who claimed sexual misunderstanding of Radha Ravi who heads South Indian Cine, Television Artistes and Dubbing Artists Union (SICTADAU). By the way, Chinmayi had tweeted about Radha Ravi on October 9 saying: "I can see my Dubbing career go up in smoke now. He leads the dubbing union."

The singer, who is on a concert trip in the United States, went on Twitter to inform her that her membership has been terminated without discussion or written communication, and only one message was sent to her.

That means she can no longer dub in Tamil movies, as it is mandatory to double union membership in the industry.

In a series of tweets, she mentioned that the latest film, 96 (where she expressed for Trisha Krishnan) becomes her last movie as a voice actor, if termination would continue. She continued to add that it's really a good movie to end her Tamil dubbing career.

IN a NewsMinute reportRadha Ravi has denied that she had been a member of the South Indian Cine, Television Artistes and Dubbing Artistes Union for two years. He said that the judge who monitored the election at the dubbing union had stated that she could not be a member because she had not paid her membership fee.

He is also quoted as saying that "In the past two years she has been released and just doubles because she is a well-known artist."

Chinmayi, who has been working as a 2006 voting artist, has been at the forefront of highlighting allegations of sexual harassment in the Indian music industry, which is commonly regarded as India's Me Too Movement.

She had accused sexual harassment in the hands of Vairamuthu in a series of tweets about a month ago. In addition, she had also highlighted statements made by other individuals against OS Thyagarajan, Raghu Dixit, Mandolin U Rajesh, Playing Singer Karthik and several other Carnatic musicians.

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