Wednesday , October 27 2021

Sabarimala all-party meeting fails, guided by the implementation of the SC judgment India News


THIRUANANTHAPURAM: The Sabarimala Temple opens on Friday with unsurpassed security for the two-month annual pilgrimage season in the continued peace of women's menstruation age, which unanimously gave rise to a crucial party meeting required to solve the problem.

At the meeting on Thursday, the Kerala government took a firm position that it would conduct the Supreme Court on September 28, so that women of all ages can offer prayers at the Lord Ayyappa Temple, which led to the opposition protesting.

The temple opens Friday night, for the third time since the top guard abolished the aging ban on women aged 10-50 years, but no piggy or woman pilgrims in the age group could offer prayers so far after strong resistance by devoted and activists, opposing all changes in Temple traditions.

Officials said prohibitive orders under section 144 CrPC prohibit the composition of four or more persons would be in force in Sabarimala from midnight Thursday for a week.

State Secretary General for Police Loknath Behara told reporters at Nilackal, a base camp, security doubled in Sabarimala and nearby areas for the season compared to the previous two occasions when the temple opened last month and at the beginning of this month.

Over 15,000 staff, including women police officers and 860 female civilian police officers, would be exploited during the season, when the lakhs of devotees from different parts of the country are expected to penetrate the sanctuary, police said. Earlier, at the end of the almost three-hour whole meeting, called a "farce" of opposition, Prime Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said his government was required to enforce the 28 September judgment of the Court as it had not stayed.

Vijayan convened the meeting in the background of state protests of devoted after the Supreme Court ceased the ban on entry of women in the age group 10-50 years. "The government has no alternative because the Supreme Court has made it clear that September 28th has not stopped, which means that women in the age group 10-50 have the right to visit the Sabarimala Temple," Vijayan told reporters. Opposition Congress led the United Democratic Front (UDF) and BJP launched an exit at the meeting.

Leader of the opposition in the Ramesh Chennithala government accused the government of being stuck, while the BJP state president P S Sreedharan Pillai said the meeting was a "waste of time". At the same time, the former Pandalam Royal family, associated with the temple, Vijayan, said that there was no change in its position regarding rituals and traditions in the sanctuary and it was against the entry of young women. The comments were held during talks held separately by the Chief Minister with the Sasikumar Varma and Tantri (High Priest) Kandararu Rajeevaru family in the matter. "We are opposed to the entry of young women. There is no change in place," told Varma to add Vijayan, telling them about the constraints facing the government before the court order. Kandararu Rajeevaru said "we can only appeal to young women not to come to Sabarimala".

At the meeting in the whole party, Vijayan rejected the demand that the government seek time from the court to complete its order, as a lot of review petitions are expected to be heard before the top line on January 22. The government can not say the belief was over the constitution, he said. It put forward some suggestions, including setting certain days for young women to offer prayers, said Vijayan to add these must be discussed with all stakeholders. He said that the KPI (M) -led LDF government was not established, but was required to implement the ruling. Chennithala said the government was "firm" in its position and refused to accept opposition proposals. "We decided to go out of the meeting after the Prime Minister's response. The meeting was a farce, the government was not ready for any compromise," he told reporters. UDF was with the believers and wanted peace and harmony in Sabarimala, while the government's goal was to "destroy" the pilgrimage, where lakhs of people from around the world visit annually, he claimed. "This is a war declaration" on the government's believer. The chief minister and government would be responsible for any violence in Sabarimala, he added. BJP leader Pillai's alleged attempt was to convert Kerala to "Stalin's Russia". "We will oppose the government's decision in a democratic way," he said.

The LDF government's "newfound love" against the Supreme Court of Sabarimala showed its "evil intention to introduce atheism in society," he said. Varma said the conversation was held in a "hearty" atmosphere, and Vijayan presented some suggestions. These must be discussed with other members in their respective families, warm and the chief priest said. "We will investigate it, hold discussions and make decisions," said Varma. The state had witnessed a series of protests by Congress, BJP, RSS and the right wing against LDF government's decision to implement the verdict of the Supreme Court. Frenzied devotees had prevented at least a dozen women in the 10-50 age group from entering the temple when it opened for five days last month and two days a month for monthly and special puja among high drama. Social activist TruDesai has said that together with six other young women, she would offer prayers at the sanctuary on November 17th and sought protection from the government.

"I have not requested any VIP protection and just wanted security from Kochi airport to the Sabarimala Temple when I face the threat of death," she said on Thursday. The clothing that opposes the court decision has said that they would resist through "Gandhian means" any attempt by young women to enter the temple. Sanctum sanctorum opens at 17:00 on Friday. Although devotees will be allowed into the sanctuary from 17:00 to 22:00, pujas will only be held from the next day, the first day of the Malayalam month "Vrischikom", said an official release.

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