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Blue sharks use hot tubs to track food sources

KONTAN.CO.ID – Blue sharks use hot tubs to quickly track their food source.

Researchers from the Woods Hole Ocenographic Institution and the University of Washington conducted new research by observing the behavior of blue sharks. Their results suggest that sharks understand ocean signals. In addition, sharks also follow the direction of the stream, which is a gathering place for food.

This is evidenced by the swirling blue shark making a vortex to track food in the twilight zone (oceans with a depth of 200-1,000 meters). The Blue Shark spends half a day making hot tubs to get prey.

Camrin Braun, marine expert and leader of the research team, said the construction of the blue shark was the same as the white shark being examined late last year.

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The two species have different behavior in relation to water temperatures. White sharks, warm-blooded animals that create a vortex by combining hot water and cold water. Meanwhile, blue sharks are cold-blooded animals that rely on hot bubble baths.

"Blue sharks can't regulate their body temperature to stay warm in the ocean, as white sharks do," Braun said. "We think that's why they show a clear preference for hot tubs," he added.

More Uz, program director for the National Science Foundation & # 39; s Department of Marine Science said the research was out of focus on research into how hot tubs regulate biological activity.

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"The ocean looks like a huge expanse without drag, but the animals that live in it can read the ocean gates and follow it where their food is collected," Mere said.

The results of this study were published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Source: National Science Foundation

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