Monday , June 21 2021

Break the mystery of the foreign ship Oumuamua – VIVA

VIVA – Astronomers have a new theory about the Oumuamua asteroid object. The mysterious asteroid that originates from the outside of the solar system is supposed to be a spy car from intelligent life outside of the earth, even though a foreign ship.

Two astronomers from Harvard University in the United States, Ali Loeb and Schmuel Bialy revealed this in their paper published in the newspaper Astrophysical journals November 12 edition.

In the paper, Harvard astronomers explained that the Oumuamua object was probably a full-service vehicle intentionally sent by alien civilization to the environment around the world.

Originally, experts did not claim that Oumuamua was related to foreigners. But after astronomers, the mathematical analysis studied how the interstellar object moved rapidly at 196,000 miles per hour, finding a new perspective.

Quote from the page subwayOn Tuesday, November 6, 2018, the Harvard team believed in his newspaper that the Oumuamua asteroid was driven by the solar radiation pressure produced by the sun.

Harvard astronomers say that Oumuamua is more likely to be a type of spacecraft called light sail, This type of object is flying in space by relying on giant sheets and is very thin as a shield.

Alien illustration.

"Given its origins, Oumuamua is the opportunity light sail"floats in interstellar space as junk from sophisticated technical equipment," wrote the two Harvard astronomers.

Astronomers suspect, aliens threw their cargo and produce debris that resemble the Oumuamua asteroid.

Type of vehicle light sail made by human civilization include the IKAROS project and the Starshot initiative. This vehicle is interplanetary and interstellar freight transport.

The astronomers' second theory really needs to be tested, especially now that the data on Oumuamua are really limited, they need more data.

In addition, the challenge of revealing the true side of Oumuamua is its position. Currently, Oumuamua has left the solar system and is no longer monitored by telescopes.

So, Loeb said the fact that researchers can observe Oumuamua shows there is the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

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