Monday , October 18 2021

Bumi Datar's follower once held an international conference


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Adherents Flat ground held an international conference entitled Flat Earth International 2018 for the second time in Denver, USA.

The conference which took place from 15-16 November 2018 also included speakers and writers who were "flat ground experts". Same with the previous conference, this time they will try to show the unity of the world that science has so far.

Conference participants were treated to presentations and debates that were promoted and celebrated that the shape of the earth was flat. According to information Patheos There were about 600 conference participants.

"Most of us will say the same, that we laugh at this, we think it's ridiculous, we think the world is round," says Robbie Davidson, founder and organizer of the Flat Earth International Conference, quoting Denver Post,

This conference was like giving the believers flat the earth as they were accepted. An estimated 80 percent of total conference participants believe the shape of the planet is flat.

At the same time, the rest is still in the air and wants to find evidence.

So far, flat farmers often think that researchers have provided false information about the Earth and the Moon. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill New Science Guy, Elon Musk, NASA and the media are their easy goals to blame. Flat Earthers assumes that there is no original image displayed by the media about the Earth's form without any changes.

"Never forget," said Rob Skiba, the famous YouTube platform on Earth at this conference. "We were you."

Besides Skiba, it was also a part of the participants who participated in feeling that they were the family of the conference. Throughout this time, the followers of the flat earth have often been ridiculed by their family and friends about their faith, this time there is a feeling of more self-esteem and the courage to convey the idea.

"I'm not shy," said a participant named Rick Hummer.

Previously, the Bumi Data Conference was held in November 2017. The conference was initiated by the Krypto Media and Creation Cosmology Institute, which also invited various flat-rate speakers. (kst / evn)

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