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Cause 6 Provincial CPU has not completed Voter Data update


JAKARTA, – As many as 6 of the 34 provincial CPUs have not stopped updating 2019 election data (DPT).

The six provinces are DKI Jakarta, West Java, East Nusa Tenggara, Southeast Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi and Maluku.

"So far, only 28 provinces delayed just completing their tasks in 6 provinces," said KPU President Arief Budiman at the Open Plenary Session, finalized by DPT, as a result of improvements at Borobudur Hotel, Central Jakarta, Thursday ( 15 / 11/208) night.

Arief said that there were a number of obstacles that led to the fact that the six provinces so far could not determine voter tasks.

These limitations include geographical conditions, a large number of voters and interferences in information technology systems.

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Arief explained, update of voter data was conducted at Regency / City KPU level throughout Indonesia.

The PPS and the Sub-District Electoral Commission (PPK) in each regional KPU held a limited observation and research campaign involving RT administrators and former Walloon Officers (Pantarlih) and CEO Update Officers (PPDP).

"After being made by Coklit, limited to PPS, PPK conducted a review until recapitulation was carried out in the districts / cities by presenting all stakeholder for the process of updating selector data. So there are KPU, Bawaslu and political parties or voters at each level, as well as at provincial level, says Arief.

In the implementation of the collision process, all tasks are not controlled by officers to the same.

Arief said there was a city with only 10 voters, but there were also more than 11 thousand voters.

The whole region has not stopped updating the data that causes the 6 provincial CPUs to continue to make improvements.

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Of the 28 provinces that have completed the update of the data, there are a total of 141,412,533 voters. The number consisted of 70,586,944 male voters and 70,825,549 female voters.

Recorded, the number of voters increased by 4,449,868 people.

In total there are 34 provinces, namely 28 provinces using the updated data and 6 other provinces using data existing (Old data from DPT depends on enhancement I), then the current number of temporary DPT 189 144 94 denominations.

In addition to the CPU, the Assembly Committee (Bawaslu), representatives of political parties participated in the 2019 election, representatives of the Ministry of the Interior, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, representatives of legal and human rights, TNI, Polri and non-governmental organizations.

Previously, KPU had twice been assigned to DPT 2019. The first determination was made on September 5, 2018 with 185,732,093 voter data.

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From that number, however, it is claimed that there are still several select data.

So, it was agreed to improve DPT for 10 days to clear duplicate data, namely until September 16, 2018.

On that date, the number of DPT was reduced to 185 084 629 voters.

During that time, duplicate data was still not completely cleaned so that the DPT was revised to perform again for 60 days, namely until November 15, 2018.

Data update takes place in steps, that is, from Regency / City KPU continues to Provincial KPU.

Of the 34 provinces, CPU RI collected all data to be determined as the Nomination Committee's term 2019 (DPT).

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