Monday , September 27 2021

Do these 3 things when your child has a fever, Jakarta Which parent's heart is not sad when a child has a fever, which is when the body temperature is above 38 degrees Celsius. Sometimes, parents panic at this rate.

It is very important to monitor the baby's body temperature when it feels a fever. If the fever reaches 40 or even 41 degrees Celsius, you should be ready to see a doctor. Especially if the child has had seizures during a fever.

There are three important things mothers and fathers need to know when facing a feverish child as reported eMedicine, i.e.

1. Make your little one comfortable

When the fever is at 38 degrees, the baby will feel very uncomfortable. When sleep becomes restless, always ask to be carried, cry, tradewinds and very difficult to relax. This is very understandable because his body is very uncomfortable. What can be done is to make him comfortable by wearing soft clothing.

Usually the baby will feel sticky, hot and sweaty. Can be bathed or dried with warm water, but not for long. Compressing it with plain water can also be done. If the fever goes up and down and the child does not calm down, it can cause painkillers, such as acetaminophen syrup. Adjust the dose with the child's weight to be effective.

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