Tuesday , June 22 2021

Granddaughter of Bung Tomo deplores the victim's fall when "Surabaya is burning"

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – President of the 2018 Heroes Day Commemoration Center and Grandson of Heroes of Bung Tomo, Agustanzil Sjahroezah, regretted the accidents during the colossal drama Surabaya Burning held around Tugu Pahlawan and the East Java Governor's Office on Jalan Pahlawan Surabaya on Friday on 11/09/2018) the night.

It is known, as many as three people died and 20 others were registered as injured.

"It's really worrying, we should not do anything that has a negative effect," said Agustanzil at Kalibata National Heroes Cemetery, Jakarta, Saturday (11.10.2018).

Agustanzil deplored, the victim fell during the birthday of the heroic day in Surabaya.

"Instead, there should be no accidents physically," said Agustanzil.

Agustanzil said there should have been a good coordination from the organizing committee so that 73th Heroes Day's celebration event in Surabaya could go smoothly.

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He said, the series of activities to celebrate Heroes' Day aimed at capturing the essence of heroic values.

Earlier, the misunderstood event was reported at around 8:00 when the new Surabaya Burning Colossal Drama took about 15 minutes.

Before the colossal drama began, tens of thousands of spectators had filled the top of the viaduct (Jalan Pahlawan Railway Bridge).

Before the train passes the train sounded a warning flute and lowered the speed from 30 kilometers per hour to 15 kilometers per hour.

When the locomotive is heard, the crowd under the viaduct has screamed so the audience across the atmosphere immediately drops.

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As the train passes at low speed, the crowd keeps the vibe on top of each other.

Reports received by PT KAI Daop 8, there were some spectators who tried to jump on the train as the train drove slowly.

Suspected of losing balance and suffering from the train's body, several spectators fell down from an altitude of about 7 meters.

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