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Have many spouses or alone? Reflect on your mother – Romance and the length of a relationship is the inheritance of the mother.

Such is the conclusion in the latest and largest research of its kind published in the newspaper PLOS En, Tuesday (11/13/2018).

A study conducted by experts from the University of Ohio found that girls who often change partners or tend to be loyal actually follow the pattern of their love relationships.

In this case, experts can not clearly explain the exact reasons.

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Previous research revealed, when parents divorce, their children will also experience the same thing in the future. This is different from children of lasting partners, they are much more likely to have a permanent married life.

Other studies show that economic factors have a major role. The idea of ​​the idea is that economic factors are not safe because mothers often change partners can harm children emotionally and make it difficult to calm down.

This time, a study led by Claire Professor Kamp Dush succeeded in being the first to show how close the relationship between girls and their partner was correlated with generations between their generations from their mothers.

Experts try to show more basic reasons why girls tend to follow what their mothers do.

This study analyzed more than 7000 people for 24 years.

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"This is not about divorce at this time. Many children who see their parents divorce, start a relationship with a new one and end (divorce). This pattern may affect children as we found in this study," said Camp Dush reported TelegraphOn Tuesday (11/13/2018).

The study showed how many relationships and marriages performed by mothers had the same impact on how many partners their children.

The results showed that girls who saw that their mothers had several partners after divorce were more likely to have relationships with many people as well.

"When children see that their mothers have multiple partners after divorce, they may see this kind of relationship more interesting. Therefore, it causes the child to get more partners and easier break up or end a relationship," added Camp Dush.

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