Tuesday , June 22 2021

Jonhnny Sins Invite Fortnite Players To Run No Nut Day November!

PUBG Caskus battlefield

Never heard of hearing or seeing a name Jonhnny Sins? If so, you are sure that he is gifted in any area. In fact, he is talented in all areas, without exception being a player FortniteRecently, he invited the players Fortnite to run the day "No Nut November"Maybe it sounds strange to the Indonesians.

You know No nut November is a day or a special month where people can not participate in any sex activities, including watching porn movies. And the one who invited to run today is the master, "Jonhnny Sins". You must know this bald hair man.

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"Hello Epic Fortnite Player, I'm Johnny Sins, I'm holding a No Nut November promise, and you have to do it. I'll put the tracking device on all your" seeds "if I find that you broke before December 1st, I'll fuck your mom, your wife, your sister and yourself, peace … "

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