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Live a durability test, the charming body of iPad Pro is easy to bend!


The iPad Pro is bent
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The iPad Pro Body and Apple Pencil are easily broken by hand! – Technology giant Apple has officially introduced two new iPad tablets. Apple's brand new tablet is iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) that comes with a beautiful and charming design. Even the new patterns that are also delivered with quality investments that promise enough success, reap much praise from gadget lovers. Even reported, a number of external media talk about performance iPad Pro This latest release can even approach the performance of a laptop, wow!

But this Apple Tablet device actually has a body that is not strong enough. In fact, a beautiful and charming look and a fast delivery delivered is a plus, but if it is not followed by a strong and solid body, it's really quite disappointing. Because when the two iPad Pro tablets underwent durability tests from Zack Nelson, both bocks failed to bend the test.

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IPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) devices launched on the market do not avoid the durability test on Zack Nelson's bales. It was uploaded to Youtube Channel JerryRigEverything where the tablet underwent a series of extreme tests ranging from scraping, burning to bend. And the shocking body on iPad Pro was apparently not strong enough.

The first test is to scratch Apple Pencil with magnetic strength so it can stick to the side of iPad Pro. The tapered Apple Pencil surface is also scratched with a cutter and can easily be broken. Even the cover can easily be peeled off, so that the stylus pen can be removed, indicating that pen stylus with plastic material is easily broken.

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In addition, the iPad Pro 11 test is scrape the screen from a scale of 2 to 9 mohd. Like other premium devices, the iPad screen will be scratched at level 6 and the scratches are clearly visible on the 7 mohd scale. Scratch test if done on all parts, including face ID and body side, the tongue is easily scratched. Scrape is also made on the magnetic part of Apple Pencil that is also easily scratched. Even on the back body can also be easily scratched.

The IPad Pro durability test also continues to burn the display on the device with this LCD panel for 10 seconds with matches. There is a black spot on the screen which is completely annoying. But the black spot can easily disappear in a short period of time.

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The next test is included curved test of iPad Pro use both hands. It is surprising that this advanced tablet can easily bend and even break without much energy. This is really quite the opposite of the premium design, which is also presented with an elegant, stylish and beautiful look that can not be compared to the body that turns out to be fragile.

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Meanwhile reported from the Verge page, some users reported that iPad Pro they just bought had experienced a curved body after being used for two to three days. This is because the iPad Pro they use is stored in a backpack.

As such, this indicates to the owner and the user iPad Pro must be more careful about using this beautiful and narrow tablet. Users must be extra careful when carrying, maintaining, using, and storing. This is because not only the price is quite expensive, but the body is slightly bent so it needs a strong casing to protect the body.

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