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New "Online" Transport Model | Jakarta newspaper

A new online start or launch company offers its own unique features. Prices are stated in a certain price range and the driver's balance is not lowered after the transaction.

The popularity of online transport is increasingly widespread. With advantages of ease, speed, security, affordability, the concept of online transportation has reached the city of regency in Indonesia. And to coincide with the Youth Coordination Day on November 10, 2018, the newest airline for online transport with the name Bonceng was present.

This application continues to increase the number of drivers, now only 2000 people. Although it is new, Bonceng has a large number of services, including Bonceng Motor, Bonceng Mobil, Bingkis service for packages and Bungkus service, which is a special service between meals.

In the midst of the competition between two online transport giants, namely Go-Jek and Grab, Bonceng must have the advantage of being able to compete. Programs recently run in Jakarta and surrounding areas do not collect fees from each transaction received by the driver without further explaining how to earn income.

"At Bonceng, we release all fees or transaction fees to drivers. They are sufficient to meet the requirements to be online for ordering," says founder and CEO Bonceng Faiz Noufal. Designated drivers, both two-wheeled and four-wheeled, are sufficient to meet The requirement to go online for ordering. Each transaction that is fully received (100 percent) belongs to the driver.

Regardless of the transaction received by the driver, Bonceng promised not to cut a single rupiah. Another difference is that if the competitor's application rate is based on distance traveled, and also Grab will raise the tariff when demand increases, Bonceng sets a different rate than that already available.

The listed prices are no longer per kilometer travel, but cluster prices based on radio range radio grouped in rounded prices. Begin from 5000 rupiah, 10,000 rupiah, 15,000 rupiah and 20,000 rupiah and so on. Bonceng's uniqueness is that consumers can order pickup services at the desired time for the next seven days.

Consumers can book early according to the download time. The benefits of the booking model a few days before consumers no longer needed to be booked and waited for a pickup because it was expected that the driver was ready to pick up on the specified hour.

Panic Button

One of the problems faced by online transport users is on the security page. To protect passengers, the Bonceng application is equipped with a panic button with a clock icon that can be printed in an emergency. "The panic button is connected to the police station, ambulance service and to close relatives," explained Faiz.

He said that potential drivers who want to go with Bonceng can register by making several steps. First, register through the application or skirt's website. id, then the potential driver will first verify the document, followed by debriefing, before the driver can actively search for consumers. Although it is currently only in the recruitment phase, Bonceng has been used by potential passengers since its launch.

Especially on Heroes Day, Saturday (10/11) by signing up with the "Bonceng" code, the user receives a welcome amount of 100,000 rupiahs on Bonceng's wallet that can be used as a discounted discount during the 20 first trips. hay / e-6

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