Friday , October 22 2021

PSM Makassar, Persija Crucial Action Jakarta


Sharp striker Persija Marko Simic, said the PSM duel was one of the "last" parties in the Kemayoran Tigers.

Persija Jakarta continues the game to lift the Indonesian League 1 Championship Trophy 2018 by visiting the temporary office of the PSM Makassar temporary ruler, Friday (15/11) WIB.

And the duel between the two teams in the UN legend risks not only three important points but can also be the determinant of champion of the highest chest of Indonesian football this season.

How is Persija now four points for Juku EJa, but Kemayoran Tigers still has a game less.

If success leads home three points to Jakarta, troops' troops are just a pinnacle of the competition that leaves four matches and we can be sure that the race for the championship ladder is getting tougher.

No wonder the main star park Persija Marko Simic called the PSM opponent as a last party.

"This is one of the last matches for us, because we will fight PSM. PSM number one and we Persija rank two want too," Simic opened.

"We lost two points against PS Tira and we were naturally disappointed. Now Persija has to be focused, serious and work hard to be displayed optimally." We want champion and will work hard to win the match. "

The 30-year-old Croatian striker then discussed the goals of breaking into PSM.

"When I came to Indonesia, I often got a number of goals to score. I've worked hard in three races and packed more than 30 goals," he continued.

"If there is a chance to do again, one or two, I'll do it. Also with help. But the most important thing is teamwork. I want to work hard."

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