Sunday , June 13 2021

Researchers change pictures of the rising sun on Mars like sounds like what? – Researchers from Anglia Ruskin University and University of Exeter, England, celebrate 5000 sunsets on Mars, anchored by explorer robots Opportunity.

To celebrate, they reproduce one of the rising suns with a sound.

The reproduction was made by Dr Domenico Vicinanza and Dr. Genevieve Williams. They scan the image from left to right, pixel after pixel.

They take all information about brightness and color and combine it at ground level.

Then they use an algorithm to define each element in a certain tone and melody.

This is called "image signing". Dr Vicinanza, director of the SAGE research group at Anglia Ruskin, called it a "very flexible technology".

He also said that image enlargement could be used to study planet surfaces and the atmosphere, analyze weather changes or discover volcanic eruptions.

"In health science, it can give researchers a new method of analyzing the presence of certain shapes and colors, which is very useful in diagnostic images," said Dr Vicinanza quoted from Australian business insiderOn monday (11/11/2018).

This method can also be used to record sunrise on the red planet. So far, sound recording on Mars was very difficult because there were no high-powered microphones.

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"We are very pleased with the presentation of this work on the interesting planet", Dr Vicinanza was quoted as saying New York PostOn monday (11/11/2018).

"Image enlargement is a very flexible technology for exploring science and can be used in several areas, from studying certain characteristics of the planet's surface and atmosphere to analyze weather changes or to detect volcanic eruptions," he added.

This work will be featured at SC18's supercomputer conference today in Dallas, USA.

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