Friday , December 4 2020

Sincerely: I want the audience closed

JAKARTA, – Tulus soloist never stopped entertaining fans in the monochrome concert in Istora, Senayan, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (02/06/2019).

After the performance had run 11 songs, Tulus suddenly made a request to the audience before singing the next song.

"In this next song, I want the audience to be quiet," said Tulus, who made the audience amazed.

However, the inquiry was not emotional or angry, but because Tulus wanted to make sure that the message from the song he wanted to sing could be conveyed well.

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"Can you do it or not? Can you only help me once, please," Tulus asked the audience.

"Yes … you can …" said the audience.

Then the atmosphere became silent, which was not the smallest part of the audience speaking because they obey his idol's request.

Then Tulus began singing a song titled "Sky Gray", which was one of the hits on Tulus's latest album, "Monochrome".

"When the ring still has your name /

Some short messages to me /

I don't know what you mean by

Love you i was wrong /

Let's write in your diary /

Explain later if you have time /

Under the wet gray sky, "Tulus sang accompanied by a basket group.

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