Monday , June 21 2021

TERPOPULER – Hotman Paris reveals confession Luna Maya has been postponed by officials at the airport

Asked the Hotman Paris Male Temptation Questions, Luna Maya has really been invited to meet officials in this way

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Luna Maya claimed she had been invited to meet and meet officials.

The event is acknowledged Luna Maya often experienced when she was at the airport's waiting room.

This recognition comes from the question Hotman Paris about the men who come to temptations Luna Maya.

because Hotman Paris curious about the behavior of men when they face Luna Maya known as a beautiful artist.

Reported from views Hotman Paris Show, Friday (11/09/2018), Hotman Paris Ask a question about curiosity.

It is about the temptation of the men who come to Luna Maya.

"It's a lot of temptation about you guys. You're a top performer, 173 cm tall, you have an index, right guys, sugar daddy, you're curious," asked Hotman Paris.

Hotman Paris asked Luna Maya
Hotman Paris asks Luna Maya (Youtube Hotman Paris show)

Hear the question face Luna Maya changed.

He immediately looked down while recalling events that had happened in the past.

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