Friday , October 22 2021

This man buys the iPhone XS with a bath coin, see how to lift and count – FAJAR –


FAJAR.CO.IC, MOSCOW – This young man in Russia is named Svyatoslav Kovalenko fully exploited his coin to buy a new iPhone. This man who works as a blogger shares a video online when buying an XS iPhone for Rp. 20 million with all coins.

In the video he and his colleagues went to an Apple store in Moscow by carrying out a large bathtub containing 100,000 coin rubles (Russian currency). Its weight reaches 350 kg.

Buy an iPhone with the coin to buy an iPhone with coins. Photo: ABC

This is really the center of the visitor's attention in the store and surprised that employees can also annoy themselves. Yes, because they have to manage to count so much coins.

"Customers decided to look for sensations by getting a coin filled with coins to buy an iPhone. And quietly and patiently, the businessmen counted coins from the bathtub," wrote Lyudmila Semushina, Apple Store representative in Moscow on her Facebook page, as reported by ABC.

Buy an iPhone with the coin to buy an iPhone with coins. Photo: ABC

Semushina noted, employees need two hours to calculate all coins. As a result, the amount of coins is enough to buy an iPhone XS and there is still a change of 1 ruble coin.

Kovalenko later acknowledged that he deliberately did it because shops in Russia often did not give rise to changes and gladly refuse customers who did not pay the right money. Although there are also those who criticize it, they only want attention.

"We decided to carry out this very global experiment," said Kovalenko. "The more people watching videos, the more people will understand the change, if it's coin, if it's 10 coins, it's also a currency," he continued. (Ss)

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