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I'm a celebrity John Barrowman's heart shortage that he will never have children

Actor John Barrowman has acknowledged that he can never adopt a child because he has difficulty convincing his husband to commit to starting a family.

The 51-year-old has talked about his hopes to assume in interviews for ten years with partner Scott Gill.

But he says Scott is not anxious and it looks unlikely at this stage.

Sounding emotional, John says: "I'd still like to assume. But I can not just go out and buy one at Tesco and go home home, it must be a partnership and I do not think Scott is ready for it.

"He continues to tell me," If you want to do it, just do it, but I can not just do it because he has to be on board. At the moment, I have a company I'm driving with my business partner and I'm still on the Arrow (TV show) and I travel everywhere and it's unfair to have a child I'd never really see. "

John Barrowman would love his own family

Formerly Doctor Who and Torchwood actor John was the big surprise name because I'm a celebrity when the ten contestants were officially announced earlier this week.

"I've known quite a while, but I have not told anyone about my family and Scott. My friends do not really know I'm going in. I've kept it very quiet and I did not want to leak it. Therefore, no one had any idea that I was question mark. "

Now his name is out because he does not stop saying he is sure to be a big presence in the camp and says he will keep up for others and not let bullying come.

"I'm not crier, unless I'm hurt, but I'm probably more a fixer.

The actor wants children

"But if I see any bullying or being rude or talking down to someone and being a spacebar against them, I'll get up and step up for them. If anyone is an arse hole or a cock, I'll call them on it.

"I can lean back and look at them a bit and let them come to the point where they dig a hole for themselves and then I speak. I can adapt and fit into groups, I think it will be my plus in that aspect of it. "

John's fans, who have appeared on stage in a number of shows, including something goes and phantom of the Opera, also hope to hear him sing in the camp, along with Fleur East and James McVey.

But they may be disappointed unless ITV is ready to get their checkbook out.

John has a plan for being a Celeb

Grinning John says: "I discussed songs with them because I like to sing and I can run out of song but then they need to get the rights of the songs. Darling, the songs I sing will not be cheap. I can sing some of my own to get some remaining payments in the bag! "

Unbelievably given its flamboyant nature, the jungle do not hold John's fear.

"I'm looking forward to it, I have bought the most amazing socks that can be worn in the shower. They are really colorful and bright and I think they are in the league with my friend Myles Class for the shower. I have no pains to strip I'm 51 now and my body has changed a little bit and I'm still proud of who I am and how I look. I'm looking forward to losing my love handles, but I think I'm still looking good for my age.

"I have not had any plastic surgery, I have not had my teeth done or eye job. I have tried Botox once for an album cover and it looked as though I had topped my eyebrows so from that moment there was no no to do that. It made my eyebrows look as if they were topped. "

John looks forward to showing off his clothes in the jungle shower

John, who has revealed Celebrity Big Brother and I'm a celebrity in the past, is not shy about winning the series.

His husband Scott and parents are coming down to see him leave the jungle in a few weeks and he plans to be the last one standing.

He said, "I would lie to you if I said I would not win. But I do not just want to be king of the jungle, I want to be king and queen of the jungle and cross the line.

"I'm doing that joke, but I'm a very big supporter of LGBTQ rights around the world and I'm talking because I think it's better that we normalize everything instead of everyone feeling different. I'm a gay man , I identify myself as a gay man and I like other men and I have no problem saying that, I do not think anyone should have trouble saying what they like, who they like or how they like. "

* I am a celebrity starting tonight at 21 at ITV

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