Friday , October 22 2021

Irish weather forecast: Met Eireann reveals temperatures that are set to shrink during freezing next week


Ireland seems to be struck by another cold spelling when temperatures fall under freezing in some parts of the country.

After a relatively mild weekend in November, there are signs that the good weather will not be as forecasts say the temperature is expected to fall sharply in the middle of next week.

On Saturday weather consultant Alan O'Care from Carlow Weather warned that we should see a "strong biting east wind" that takes cold air from eastern Europe.

The coldest of the weather is expected to be on Wednesday, where the temperature drops below 0 C overnight.

Monday and Tuesday appear to be relatively settled, although there will be "more frequent showers or longer rods of rain" in eastern areas, especially near the coast.

Botanical Gardens, Dublin

General scenes like frost remain at the Botanic Gardens, Dublin yesterday

Temperatures at the beginning of the week will be on average, with high temperatures of about 8C.

This will change on Wednesday, especially overnight, when temperatures fall below freezing and the bitter cold conditions will continue until Thursday.

Eireann's forecast states: "There will be another temperature drop on Wednesday with temperatures expected to be freezing on Wednesday night.

"There will be showers during the day with longer rains probably for the east and northeast of the country, the shower can be expected to be snowy over the mountains and mountains sometimes."

Frost at the Botanical Garden, Dublin

"On Thursday current indications suggest showers will move to the west and south but low temperatures and eastern winds continue."

The national predecessor also expects the cold conditions to stay throughout the week, although there may be no escape from the freezing temperatures.

The forecast for the next weekend reads: "Furthermore, the prospect of the weekend keeps the cold, but maybe not quite as cold, weather patterns with eastern winds and showers sometimes."

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