Friday , April 23 2021

Man Utd News: Ed Woodward stops Jose Mourinho from appointing sports director

Ed Woodward is unwilling to recruit such a key role while United is struggling (Bild: Getty)

Manchester United stalls to appoint a sports director due to the uncertainty that continues to surround boss Jose Mourinho's future, according to reports.

The Portuguese is still under pressure despite an excellent win away to Juventus in the Champions League, with defeat to rivals City leaving them 12 points of top spot after so many matches.

Mourinho has long wanted United to hire someone to help with transfers, but Daily Record reports that Ed Woodward is reluctant to take anyone while Mourinho is in charge.

Campos, right, has bought very well on Monaco and Lille (Photo: EPA)

Stand-out candidate for the role is Luis Campos, as Mourinho actually employed as a talent scout at Real Madrid and overseeing Monaco's incredible squad building that almost won the Champions League.

He was responsible for signing such as Kylian Mbappe, from AS Brondy back 2013, while another excellent recruitment period in Lille has seen them rise to others in the table.

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However, Woodward is reluctant to hire such an important allied by Mourinho during a period when he faces serious questions about his suitability as head of Manchester United.

Despite being offered to the position, Woodward refused to interview Campos and is now looking to rethink the need for a sports leader for the summer – or when Mourinho has left the club.

Woodward wants to keep up with United's transfer team (Bild: Getty)

When United took Juve, Mourinho was tasked with applauding the Italian side of transfer, but insisted that it was not a dig of Woodward's business.

He explained: "My thoughts are that I will not discuss with you how I think Manchester United will be organized. One thing is compliment Juventus, and another is to give you my opinion about how Manchester United should or should not be organized on that level.

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