Sunday , October 24 2021

The court takes 500 pounds for the bail from mother to Derry man with 83 previous judgments currently underway and believed they live in the Donegal area


A mother whose criminal son walked three weeks ago, after being granted a three-hour companion to visit his poor grandmother, lost half of the $ 500 she had lodged with the court.

Theresa Donegan from Summerhill Park in the Prehen area of ​​Derry recovered $ 500 from her credit unions Christmas Savings account to enable her son James Gerald Donegan to get compassionate.

But during the three-hour compassionate fortune period last month, her son, 30 years from Ferndale Drive, ceased. He was in prison in Maghaberry Prison in anticipation of sentencing to steal a woman's handbag, attacking the woman and trying to hijack a car.

Donegan, who has 83 previous criminal convictions, admits he committed crimes in May last year.

PSNI believes Donegan lives in a border town in Co Donegal but because he is still big, he does not think he may be forced to attend the city's Crown Court for his judgment.

In the court today, Miss Donegan's lawyer Seamus Quigley told Judge Philip Babington that Mrs. Donegan has been in contact with her son since he was walking with him to return home.

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