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Vault 94 is Fallout 76's first instant dungeon • Eurogamer.net

Fallout 76's upcoming vault attack is the game's first instant dungeon, Bethesda has revealed.

This means that the raid prevents other players who are not on your team from interrupting and affecting your mission.

In a post on Bethesda.net, the developers discussed Vault 94, which goes live with patch 12 on August 20 on PC. Bethesda said it will open the vault on the console soon after if the vault attack on the PC runs smoothly.

Vault 94 offers some of the most challenging experiences of the game, Bethesda warned, and while you can try it alone, the developers recommend that you assemble a complete team of level 50+ characters.

Instancing also means Bethesda has better control over the state of the vault "to make sure every experience is as fresh as the first time you entered Vault 94".

"To sum it up: the raid is just for your team, the meetings are just for your team, and what's inside the vault is just for your team."

Vault 94 atrium.

So what is Vault 94 all about? It lies on the border between The Mire and The Savage Divide. It was once home to a utopian community tasked with restoring the earth's natural abundance in the wake of the Great War. The doors of the vault opened a year after the bombs dropped. Now the residents are long gone and the vault has been exceeded by nature. But there is something ugly inside.

"Awake Appalachian explorers will have to brave many dangers if they want to save Vault 94, find out what became of its former residents, and restore the precious resources hidden within," reads the official blurb.

A Vault 94 reactor.

To try the dungeon, gather your team and tune in to the Vault 94 radio station. Inside are three separate missions. One mission is available at any given time and lasts for a week. Each mission returns every three weeks. The first mission is called Dead in the Water and is available as soon as the vault opens. Meltdown and Washout go live on all platforms August 27 and September 3 respectively. Expect the vault to close for three hours each week when one mission is completed and the next is ready to go live.

Strangler Heart Power Armor Set.

Tasks come in three difficulties: beginner, standard or expert. Beginners are not timed, while standard and expert have time constraints and more challenging meetings. If you run out of time or your group dries, start over. As you might expect, the more difficult the condition, the better the loot. If you perform tasks by default or expert, you will have plans that allow you to design new vault sets, such as the Strangler Heart set pictured above. Perform missions in every difficulty and you'll earn Vault 94 steel, which is a new resource you need to craft the vault's armor. (Vault mission rewards can be earned once per difficulty mode, per mission, per day.)

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