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Wells Fargo & Co Repairs Outperform Rating for Diamondback Energy (FANG)


Diamondback Energy (NASDAQ: FANG)S lager had its "outperform" rating reworded by Wells Fargo & Co in a report released Wednesday, October 24th. They currently have a price target of $ 183.00 on the oil and gas company's stock. Wells Fargo & Cos target price suggests a potential upside of 60.09% from its current price.

Several other equity analysts have also recently commented on the company. TD Securities began to cover Diamondback Energy in a report on Thursday, July 5th. They set a "buy" rating and a price of $ 165.00 in stock. BidaskClub upgraded Diamondback Energy from a "team" rating to a "buy" rating in a report Wednesday, July 11th. Susquehanna Bancshares adopted coverage on Diamondback Energy in a report Wednesday, July 11th. They set a "positive" rating and a price target of $ 164.00 on the stock. Morgan Stanley raised its price target for Diamondback Energy shares from $ 163.00 to $ 176.00 and gave the stock company an "overweight" rating in a research note Thursday 12 July. Finally, the Jefferies Financial Group put a price of $ 181.00 on shares in Diamondback Energy and gave the stock company a "buy" rating in a research note on Friday, July 13th. Five equity analysts have rated the company with a rating, 27 have received a purchase price and one has given a strong purchase price to the share. Diamondback Energy currently has an average rating of "Buy" and a consensus price target of $ 156.45.

NASDAQ: FANG opened at $ 114.31 on Wednesday. Diamondback Energy has a 52 week low of $ 105.66 and a 52 week high of $ 140.78. The company has a market value of $ 10.92 billion, a P / E ratio of 21.57, a PEG ratio of 0.62 and a beta of 0.70. The company has a debt ratio of 0.36, a fast ratio of 1.08 and a present value of 1.10.

Diamondback Energy (NASDAQ: FANG) released its quarterly earnings data by Tuesday 6 November. The oil and natural gas company reported $ 1.67 EPS for the quarter, peaked analysts' consensus estimates of $ 1.52 by $ 0.15. Diamondback Energy had a return on equity of 10.75% and a net margin of 33.63%. The company had a turnover of $ 538.03 million for the quarter, compared with the $ 518.32 million consensus estimate. In the same quarter last year, the company reported $ 1.33 per share. The company's revenues increased by 78.6% compared with the previous year. On average, sales analysts expect Diamondback Energy to look for 6.69 EPS for the current year.

In related news, VP Russell Pantermuehl sold 2000 shares in the Diamondback Energy share in a transaction dated 19 September. The stock was sold at an average price of $ 127.80, for a total value of 255,600.00 USD. Following the completion of the sale, the Executive Vice President now directly holds 89,532 shares in the company, valued at USD 11,442,189.60. The sale was filed with SEC, available through the SEC website. 0.57% of the shares are owned by the company's insiders.

Several institutional investors have recently purchased and sold shares in the company. Nordea Investment Management AB grew its position in Diamondback Energy by 81.3% in the third quarter. Nordea Investment Management AB now owns 3,815 shares in the oil and natural gas company's share worth SEK 516,000 after purchasing additional 1,711 shares during the period. AQR Capital Management LLC increased its position in Diamondback Energy shares by 10.0% in the third quarter. AQR Capital Management LLC now owns 29,021 shares in the oil and natural gas company's share worth $ 3,923,000 after acquiring an additional 2,268 shares during the period. Macquarie Group Ltd. grew its position in Diamondback Energy shares by 4.2% in the third quarter. Macquarie Group Ltd. now owns 241,419 shares in the oil and gas company's stock value of 32,637,000 kronor after having purchased another 9,795 shares during the period. Mackenzie Financial Corp acquired a new position in Diamondback Energy shares in the third quarter worth about $ 6,823,000. Finally, Advisors Asset Management Inc. increased its position in Diamondback Energy shares by 4.7% in the third quarter. Advisors Asset Management Inc. now owns 56,918 shares in the oil and gas company's share worth $ 7,695,000 after acquiring an additional 2542 shares during the period.

About Diamondback Energy

Diamondback Energy, Inc., an independent oil and natural gas company, focuses on acquisition, development, exploration and utilization of oil and natural gas reserves on land in the Permian Basin of West Texas. Its activities are mainly focused on Wolfcamp, Spraberry, Clearfork, Bone Spring and Cline formations.

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