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Aviel Hadri, famous therapist that combines Gestalt with art and music, available for workshops in the United States and Britain – Press Release

Aviel Hadri, the famous Israeli figure therapist, narrator and music, is tasked with improving life, removing obstacles in personal life and organizations and creating a richer and fuller sense of being and doing in the world. Aviel is now available for lectures and workshops in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Challenges exist in all spheres of life, both personal and professional. Fortunately, people also have several gifts that help us meet, solve and navigate successfully over obstacles. Aviel carries deep insight into these gifts and uses a panoramic combination of art, therapy and musical instruments to deliver Gestalt-based workshops and training sessions.

Aviel combines the Gestalt method of art, music and literature to create conscious and focused experience awareness, helping to remove emotional blockages. A new image of the self and the organizations can be created with the holistic and humanistic Gestalt Therapy. Aviel has invented a unique pack of card for therapy using creative imagination, and his signature method for therapy uses music, songs and instruments. He has also applied this method of intervention in trauma cases.

A typical Gestalt workshop of Aviel reveals the participants' patterns that are no longer needed, showing them how to create new patterns that suit them and their organization. Topics covered include identifying styles of relationships and contact, roleplaying, conflict management in an organization, and managing problems with images, metaphors, allegories and dreams.

"Avi Hadari is a brilliant educator and therapist, narrator and musician. He is a legend in his native Israel where he has mentored many theater artists, educators and therapists. I have seen him rotate his musical magic within groups and can personally prove his ability to steer people into a liminal space where all expressions are possible and all possibilities of change are ready to go, Says Robert J. Landy, founding director, drama theater program at NYU Steinhardt.

A recent and famous workshop hosted by Aviel is "Breathing in and breathing out: Expressive Arts in Psycho-Social Support Training" conducted in Korea. The education program was an explicit therapeutic psychosocial exercise that was used in August 2014 with groups of clinics, clergy and social workers in Korea after the Sewol Ferry cut in April 2014.

Aviel is one of the rare professionals who combines Gestalt therapy with art. His long career spans education in Israel and the United States in areas such as theater, director, drama and Gestalt. He also runs a clinic for individuals, couples and for organizational therapy. Aviel has a B.A. in director and acting from the theater department at Tel Aviv University, and a M.A. combines arts in therapy from Lesley University in Boston. He is a graduate from the School of Group Facilitation, Tel Aviv University, and a graduate from the Gestalt Institute in Cleveland with a specialization in couples and family therapy. In addition, he is a graduate of International Organization Advisory at the Cleveland Gestalt Institute.

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