Wednesday , October 20 2021

B & H gave $ 2K baby bonus only to Jews – forward


Hasidic owners of a well-known photo equipment company offered their Jewish workers a $ 2,000 "baby bonus" for having children, but their Mexican workers did not get the same incentive, the New York Post reported.

B & H Photo Video was sued for its discriminatory practice, according to a supreme court in Manhattan.

The company is owned by Herman Schreiber of Satmar Hasidic Society, according to the post. Many of his employees are ultra-orthodox, a group that values ​​big families.

"When each of his Jewish employees had a baby, the B & H employee awarded a $ 2,000 bonus plus two paid days but did not give their non-Jewish / Mexican employees a similar award when they had children," read court documents.

A Manhattan-based B & H spokeswoman confirmed that "kids bonuses" are true but much less – $ 180 per child – and offered to everyone.

"B & H employees get 180 dollars when they have a baby, adopt a baby, marry or one of their children marries," said spokesman Michael McKeon to the post.

Raul Pedraza, Oscar Martinez and Antonio Hernandez claim B & H "is promoted and tolerated by a hostile working environment based on a pattern and practice of national origin discrimination and religious discrimination," according to Jerusalem Post. The package claims that the company "hired Mexican immigrants to exploit them", referring to the employees being called "goy", "animals" and "stupid Mexicans" and said their religion is fake.

They match 200,000 dollars, a solution they were originally promised in August, according to court documents.

McKeon called claims of discrimination "direct lies".

The post reported that a settlement was reached Wednesday but did not see a copy because it was "confidential". Nothing had been filed in court on Wednesday.

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