Thursday , February 25 2021

In video, Israeli forces hold students, teachers at Hebron checkpoint

HEBRON (Ma) – Israel's forces prevented Palestinian students and teachers from entering Qurtuba primary school in the southern occupied western bank city of Hebron on Tuesday.

Local sources said Israeli forces prevented students and teachers from entering their school in the center of Hebron City after requiring taking pictures before crossing the Al-Shuhada Street checkpoint.
The task of Israel's forces was to photograph each student and teacher on arrival at the school and before crossing the checkpoint.
Sources pointed out that students and teachers refused to be photographed and humiliated, resulting in Israeli forces holding them at the checkpoint for over an hour before passing through.
During the past week, Israeli forces also had assaulted dozens of Palestinian schoolchildren and Rector at the same school.
Palestinian inhabitants of the ancient city of Hebron meet daily a major Israeli military presence, with at least 32 permanent and partial checkpoints set at the entrance on many streets. In addition, Palestinians may not drive on Al-Shuhada Street, have had their homes and shops on the street welded and in some parts of the Old Town may not go on certain roads. At the same time, Israeli settlers move freely on the streets, drive cars and carry machine guns.

The video below shows Israeli forces that prevent both students and teachers from crossing the control point:

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