Monday , June 14 2021

Recipe from Tel Aviv wins Holland's best cookbook price

AMSTERDAM (JTA) – A book with recipes from Tel Aviv won the first prize in the Netherlands national competition for new contributions to the cookbook genre.

"TLV – Recipes and Stories from Tel Aviv" by the Dutch-Jewish writer and journalist Jigal Krant, was declared Friday as the winner of the year by The Golden Cookbook Award among the five finalists. The competition began with 64 entries of cookbooks published in Dutch this year.

Janny van der Heijden, chairman of the fifth panel, said that Krant's book "teaches, comforts and maintains" its readers.

"It's a cookbook, good reading material and a travel guide," she said.

In his book, Newspaper explains that "Tel Aviv is a progressive city in a conservative region. A melting pot where many cuisines melt. In an area where religious rules often determine what is happening on the table, Tel Aviv has an innovative and free kitchen without rules. "

Many of the recipes in Krant's book are classic dishes served in Tel Aviv cafes and restaurants, such as green shakshuka, roasted aubergine with tahini, various mushroom dishes and malabi dessert pudding. Some are extrapolations where the author looks at what characteristic Dutch dishes white asparagus would look like after receiving Tel Aviv treatment.

An Israeli chef "would not cook it in water and serve with butter sauce or with ham," Krant said in a video about the dish he called "grilled white asparagus with thyme zhug and pita breadcuts". Zhug is a Yemeni sauce that resembles pesto but it is based on coriander.

The prize was created in 2015 by the CPNB association, which promotes Dutch literature in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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