Saturday , October 23 2021

The head of the Palestinian police in Hebron was suspended after helping Israeli soldiers to change tires – Palestinians


The head of the Palestinian police in Hebron, Colonel Ahmed Abu Al-Rub, was suspended from his job after documenting the replacement of an Israeli defense force truck.

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The image, circulating on social media, gave rise to upset in the Palestinian Authority and embarrassed the senior police's joints. The head of the Palestinian police, General Hazem Atallah, decided to cancel the official and open an investigation of the incident.

According to the initial information received by the police, the incident occurred on Sunday near the west bank city of Susya. Israel's soldiers patrolled there when their vehicles got stuck because of a flat deck. The soldiers asked for help and al-Rub gave them tools. When the soldiers failed to change tires, he did it himself.

The document that documents al-Rub helps the soldiers, who were taken by the Palestinians who were on the spot, leaked online and became viral within a few hours. The Palestinians commented on the image, blowing PA and its security officers.

The PA police spokeswoman Louay Zreikat released a statement on Thursday announcing that al-Rub has been interrupted and an investigation team was established to investigate the incident.

"To our fears, some people use this photo to attack the Palestinian police and intentionally strive for their officers, even though they work around the clock to give the Palestinian people a sense of security," said Zreikat.

Despite its statement, many Palestinians repeated a call on social media to shoot al-Rub and used the image to criticize security coordination between Israel and the Palestinians.

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