Monday , March 8 2021

The Mexican man injures the woman at the Jewish center held

The city police have arrested a Mexican man to sexually harass a woman at a Jewish prayer center on Richmond Road and hit a police officer who went to question the incident.

Julian Heriberto, 25, went to cook six months ago at the Chabad Jewish Center on Richmond Road. A couple -No Pivkin (35) and her husband David Rabbi-acted as the center's janitor. They lived in the center's premises on an outbuilding.

The police said that David Rabbi was on a mission abroad and his wife was responsible for the center. On November 5, November 11, a woman came to Sunday prayers and Heriberto immediately claimed her and caused her to alarm.

Sampath Kumar R (40), a main constable at the City Armed Reserve (CAR), deployed at the place of security as foreigners came and prayed there in the booth after hearing the woman scream.

Heriberto hit Kumar on his face, kicked a knife and threatened to throw the police if he tried to catch him. Kumar called the police's control room for reinforcement. A team of police came soon and took Heriberto.

The woman Heriberto abused in the meantime refused to file a complaint with the police and said she had plans to travel abroad and the case will be an obstacle, police said.

Noa Pivkin later estimated his husband of the incident and, with his consent, filed a complaint with the Ashok Nagar police.

Police ordered Heriberto under IPC section 354-A – sexual harassment, 353 – assaults or the use of criminal force to deter an official from performing his duties, 504 – deliberate insult with the intention of provoking violations of peace and 506 – criminal scary.

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