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and Milan is alone, laughs at Avellino and Bologna

On the day of the big match in Serie A Venezia-Milan, after the Cremona defeat at the home of Varese and the victory of Avellino in Reggio Emilia, Brindisi tries to climb Brescia to the rankings. Pistoia released in Sassari centers the first seasonal success. Brindisi hooks third place over Brescia. The day ends Monday with the launch of Cant-Pesaro.

Vienna-Milan 81-84 Milan is at the top of the position, Venice is struggling on equal terms: lowers, rises, gets rid of. Umana recovers stone, again Mazzola, while Washington stays out in foreigners rotation, Milan does not have the injured Nedovic and Della Valle, Pianigiani granting a rest in Kuzminskas. The start of the devastating Olympia (2-12), with a defense that forced errors and balls to lose the Raffaele team. Two detracts from Bramos, two for Tarcewzski with Pianigiani throwing Gudait into the crime. Milan flies (3-19), Reyer of ice in attack (7-25) and Olimpia also at +22 (7-29). First quarter with the tricolor champions on the field (11-31, James 11), Reyer -1, Milan 44, evaluation. Watt starts with a dunk, but also with the third foul, Vidmar returns. Umana raises the defense, but the percentages in the attack do not stand up (17-34 at 3 & # 39;). Come on and come on, the pressure from De Raffe's team also gives fruit on Milan's midfield. Tonut to play the charge, Zone 3-2 blocks Olimpia, Umana starts the comeback: 25-38 with Biligha from below, 28-40 with the trip Haynes, 34-44 with Daye-free. Passive half-life compared with the first quarter. Nicolao and Tonut, the "souls" of Umana comeback, Milan, falling, Venice rising, are the two Italians to pilot De Raffaele teams (51-53). Race resoundingly resumed, Daye also leads Human (60-59) forward turning into gold an offensive rebound. Venice's devastating break (53-30), like the rocket departure in Milan. Gudait influence (60-60), but human saga in defense. Incredible match. The last quarter points out that Venice also goes to +2 (62-60), then Cinciarini AX Armani takes hand. Mitchell Watt climbs to 20 (75-74), De Nicolao missed the +4 trip, Bertan's No. (75-77) with 1 & # 39; 56 "to play. Milan to +2 (81-83) to 19" from the end. Haynes wrong from the bow, Cinciarini puts on a free (81-84), two Umana triple crash on the iron. (Michele Contessa)
Venezia: Watts 24; Tonut 15; Daye, De Nicolao and Biligha 8.

Milan: James 20; Bertans 14; Micov 12

REGGIO EMILIA-AVELLINO 75-91 Avellino annihilates Reggio Emilia and wins fourth consecutive victory thanks to a masterful first half, closed at +29 (22-51), which has left no way to the owners. Leading team of coach Vucinic was the amazing trio formed by Caleb Green (29 points), Demetris Nichols (19) and Norris Cole (16). Encephalogram plate instead of Emiliani who has made debut Ben Ortner and Pablo Aguilar (still out of Cervi and Butterfield) without getting the solidity that is hoping.

Sidigas started in the face of Grissin Bon who after the first quarter was also found under 22 (12-34) with green avellineser who has 16 points on the score and perfect shooting (4/4 from 2 and 2/2 from 3). The situation is embarrassing to landlords who can not react in attack n defense and go to the range buried by a avalanche (22-51). Reggio puts some pride in the field to try and get a sense of recovery, but when you turn on, Norris Cole (10 points in the third quarter) falls back in the abyss (45-73 to 30). The last 10 minutes are actually a training for the two teams that empty the benches. (Francesco Pioppi)

Reggio Emilia: Aguilar 13, Ledo 11, Gaspardo and De Vico 10.

Avellino: Green 29, Nichols 19, Cole 16.

VIRTUS BOLOGNA-TORINO 82-79 The shot from the corner of Carlos Delfino, ex Fortitudo, was split on the iron, which would have sent the contest to the extra and Virtus celebrated the success of Turin 82-79. Bolognese, more than +15 in the first half, scored only one field goal in the last 6 minutes, but Tony Taylor's triple -46 "from the 81-75 siren proved to be crucial. Fiat was always in the wake of the second half, with The poet's excellent direction and baskets in Carr, but pay 3/13 out of three.

The match seems to be immediately downhill for Virtus. Turin delivers several balls in the hands of bianconeri, Aradori capitalizes with a perfect first quarter of the shot (12 points) and Punter is in line and pushes the hosts more time to +15 (22-7, 30-15). Fiat fills the area, Segafredos hand cooled so guests can return to the range (44-42) thanks to Wilson, Carr and the trip of the former poet at the end. In the second half of the Jaiteh salt of shot to rebound attack and draw the overlap (53-54), which only lasts a kind of eyelashes. The match seems to be closing in the sprint. Virtus tries a new stretch with Punter (72-65), but then hangs in attack until Tony Taylor's triple (81-75). Aradori (18 points top scorer) misses a free, Turin still has a chance but the triple draw of Delfino card. (Luca Aquino)

Bologna: Aradori 18, Punter 16, To. Taylor 12.

Turin: Poet and Carr 15, Ty. Taylor and Jaiteh 10.

SASSARI-PISTOIA 111-113 Race in balance until the last seconds, Pistoia's first guide then suffers, but eventually pulled by the pair Johnson-Peak and a big heart, PalaSerradimigni expires.

The first part of the balanced competition, where Pistoia tries to put his nose forward thanks to good percentage from the whole team, with Bolpin in big dust; +9 touched by Tuscans for, disappearing at distance, Sassari further in the rotations and finding with the work of the area, the way to resume the game for exteriorists, with Bamforth and Smith's main characters; 57-52 at 20 & # 39 ;. Johnson's talent in the third quarter prevents Dinamo from flying and so everything is determined in the final fraction; Trippel pistoiesi rebalances the score again, Johnson breaks through to 30, showing up more cheerfully and polishing so much to get his nose in front of him a little more than 2 from the end, Bolpin's reward also rewards Peak Jr and the guests also find +8. The reaction of Sassari arrives, with Cooley working in the area, but again, the duo Peak Jr-Johnson drives back the owners and enables Oriora to find an unexpected task in the evening and the first seasonal smile. (Nicola Cascioni)

Sassari: Bamforth 20, Polonara 19, Peteway 18.

Pistoia: Peak Jr 35 Johnson 32, Bolpin 12.

BRINDISI-BRESCIA 72-65Brindisi conquers the fourth consecutive victory by knocking Brescia (4 defeat in the last 5) and dominating the high-voltage finals.

After a sprint start of the Germans, the hosts to play the first emergency with Chappell train to the field are not in perfect condition for a muscular problem (4 & 9; 9-5). The inertia Brindisi lasts only a few minutes before the new expansion of Germani (7 & 9; 9-18) was very careful that Brindisi could not run in transition and confuse the attack with a simple defense zone. The 5/19 of a quarter of banks and companions the exact photograph of the offensive chaos that was demonstrated by Happy House. However, the formation of Vitucci with great humility can hold on to the game: at 17th Gaffney sign with a spectacular basket parity of 27. Two rush triples (10 points after 20) allow Brindisi to put the nose in front of, after a second quarter of energy (35-32). Back in the balanced race field. Vitali made four consecutive tripples, two of which were of high difficulty (26 & # 39 ;, 49-48), who retained Brescia in the wake. The 28th Diana plays the Mika card at Brindisi's best time, which in the third quarter updates the maximum advantage of a triple from the corner of Banks (30 & # 39 ;, 62-48) and closes a partial 13-0. Sacchetti with basket with quota 50 stopping an attack quickly lasted well 6 & # 39 ;. 10-0 break in the last quarter (36 & # 39 ;, 62-58) put Germani back in the race. The triple of Moraschini and then that of Rush at 2 (68-60) brings oxygen back to Brindisi. Vitali one minute from the end still believes (68-65) but Chappell with the final trip of the evening to put the score in safety. (Giuseppe Mazzone)

Brindisi: Chappell 14, Rush, Banks 13.

Brescia: Vitali 23, Beverly 15, Hamilton 10.


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