Monday , June 21 2021

Andrea Zenga and Alessandra news, are they together again? The pictures speak clearly

Andrea Zenga and Alessandra SgolastraAndrea Zenga and Alessandra Sgolastra News: The Couple Temptation Island Vip is very close to an event

After Temptation Island Vip, Andrea Zenga and Alessandra Sgolastra are together again? The news they speak clearly: if it had not happened yet, it might happen soon. The two young lovers, or former lovers, have recently shown that they are willing to give a new chance to their relationship. And maybe it's time to try again. Tonight le Temptation Island Vip 2018 couple They found themselves on a Coconuda parade by Fabio and Marcella. There is also Andrea and Alessandra. In addition to Sossio and Ursula. And that's thanks to the video from Nilufar as we saw the main characters in this news really very very close. Someone may think that it takes very little to trigger gossip, but this time it does not seem to be that small.

Temptation Island Vip gossip, Andrea Zenga and Alessandra are together again?

In the video published by Nilufar from the parade we saw it Andrea Zenga and Alessandra they are sitting next to each other. If there was still some friction between them, they would be distant, but let's move on. In other videos, even by Nilufar, the two young marches they laugh and joking togetherThen they talk to each other and in a still image, we also show Andrea's arm that lies behind Alessandra's back. You will probably lean on the chair, intuitively. In short, the atmosphere between the two seems to promise well and suggests they try again. But for a long time it is possible that we will meet here to give you news about Alessandra Sgolastra and Andrea Zenga again engaged (and no, she will not swear Cerioli).

Andrea Zenga and Alessandra of Temptation Island VIP want to give a new chance

The event that collected the pairs of Temptation Island Vip It takes place here in Naples. Andrea and Alessandra are together with parade, but they traveled separately to reach the city. Zenga actually came to Naples last year together with Patrick Baldassari, while Alessandra left this morning. Apparently it is still early to go back to live the parrelation, but after the video and tonight's photo We really believe that there are conditions for it Andrea Zenga and Alessandra come back together.

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