Saturday , May 15 2021

Anti-corruption, the majority succeeded. Cow with the secret poll on peculation

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Anti-corruption: Salvini, I would abolish the secret ballot, but we will approve it

An accident under the way that will cause the anti-corruption bill to be approved earlier, with the secret ballot that I would abolish. Italians are entitled to know who votes. I'm not interested in those responsible: hiding behind secret ballot is Cowards, whoever does. That being said, the commitment is to approve the fight against corruption because I want the corrupt in jail. "Matteo Salvini said it and left Palazzo Chigi to vote for the failed votes to the government on the anti-corruption bill.

Anti-corruption: 36 francs, the M5s League "loses" 100 votes

There are 107 votes that have been lost to the majority of the M5 and League on the secret ballot in which the government has been hit. But above all, there are 36 snipers. The yellow-green majority can actually count 346 votes, but those who opposed the change of assistant to mixed ex M5's Catello Vitiello were 239 and thus 107 missing voices. These misunderstood voices should, however, be deducted from members on assignment and therefore lacking "motivated". Look at voting rights there are 91 members who participated in the vote, while 184 are the pentastellati who voted: for a total of 275 votes. That means there are 36 snipers. If you go from the 275 majority who participated in the vote, the opposite votes that stopped at 239 actually got 36 shooters. For the league on the mission there are 25 for the five stars 27. Finally, 45 votes were cast between opposites and the majority in the "incriminated" vote, which made the government succeed.

Anti-corruption: Colletti (M5s), some League voted with resistance

"The majority have been struck by an amendment that saves thieves who would save (from a tougher opinion) politicians, right and left, currently under investigation, on trial or even sentenced at first instance for embezzlement. Voted compact like, I think , many members of the league (who were also absent at the vote) ". Andrea Colletti from M5 writes it on facebook.

Anti-corruption: Iezzi (Lega), government under? Debt of "fichiani"

"They are" Fichians "who voted to send a signal, they are looking for an excuse not to vote for security." Igor Iezzi, a member of Lega, the umo that Matteo Salvini has handed over the fight against corruption, especially for the party about the parties, reads the vote in which the government and the majority have been killed

Anti-corruption, the majority succeeded. Cow with the secret poll on peculation

The majority were struck in the Chamber of Commons on a secret ballot. The change that has been sent under the government and the majority who had assumed the opposite view is the first signature of the former M5s now mixed, Catello Vitiello, and is about the peculiar breach, the same theme as the majority was divided into the committee, with the league of benefit to reduce the range of peculiar breach and the 5 stars against. The vote was 284, the votes against 239. President Fico broke the Chamber for thirty minutes.

CORRUPTION: EASY, GUARANTEE WINNING AT MANETTAROS IMPORT – "We believe through the secret ballot to guarantee freedom of expression for this courtroom." After days of manitarian digiustizialism, today, this hall has expressed itself to guarantee the guarantee and interest in Italian. "This was noted by the Fi group's in-house at Camera Maristella Gelmini after he fought in the Montecitorio classroom on an amendment to the Bonafede bill.

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