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bottom and answer between councilor and boss

Medium - Car Satyrs - November 11, 2018 Medium - Car Satyrs - November 11, 2018

"No to the Christmas proposal because it interferes with other religious cultures found in the institute." This is the decision of a school chief of Terni, which, according to councilor Valeria Alessandrini, would have forbidden the implementation of a Christmas initiative linked to the scene of living paintings with children and the theme of Jesus' birth. reconstruction is not accepted by the school leaders. Minister Matteo Salvini talked about the goal of a post on social media: "It seems to me just like a disgusting idiocy?".

superintendent "Indispensable to emphasize – explains Alessandrini – the disappointment and bitterness I felt to learn the news. I hope there will be a reassessment in that sense with regard to respect for the Christian values ​​that are part of our history and our cultural heritage. Respecting those who profess other religions does not mean that we have to abstain from violence to admit our roots. Only by respecting what we have been and thereby what we are will we succeed in getting others to understand that everyone is free to confess their faith, but must also respect the history and culture of the country in which he lives. I hope the Institute's children and young people will live and share with their peers and their parents the most beautiful, intense and meaningful Christmas nights. "

answer "The thought of creating a living nativity in our school was just a hypothesis, so the question is nonexistent." This is the answer that comes from primary school teacher at the center of Terni, where the performance would have been forbidden. "But the word ban is completely inappropriate and the subject should not be on the agenda of an assessor. Our school is an example of tolerance, respect and integration, and it is enough to open the website of the Education Director's website to note that Bishop Giuseppe Piemont's pastoral visit is reported. Nativity scenes and Christmas crystals are made in all schools in our direction, so respect is total for all feelings, including religious. But without exceeding certain boundaries and following the basic rules according to the principle of secular school. " Different reactions.

Former & # 39; In "The main teacher's position in banning children's recitation in the coming Christmas weekends in order not to disturb other religions leaves us puzzled and terrified. Italy's brothers – says coordinator Paolo Alunni Pistoli – fully share Almanan's position in the hope that he can intervene as soon as possible and restore fixed points that are the ones that protect our Christian roots ».

pd However, in summary of the group council for the Democratic Party, Alessandrini, who helped them create a "disrespectful and intimate atmosphere", aims to create tensions in a constant-climate climate to avoid the extent of real problems being addressed. polemics that are now too frequent on school problems are meaningful but not substantiated by reference rules, beginning with DPR 275/99 on the independence of the institution. We reject – said Filipponi and others – the instrumental and political use of the school's educational and autonomous offer with personal views such as aims to create medium information ".

Secular civilization Alessandro Chiometti, President of Civile Laica, also intervened, talks about "administrators in permanent election campaign" notes how bland "fmunicipal armies on the verge of bankruptcy The absence of police against bullying in schools. and the city blamed for generations, one would at least wish that anyone who has made a campaign against immigrants ignoring the words of the pontiff had the good taste of not retrieving the "immigrant in the cave" to defend during Christmas. Not even this saves us, and then the council gave Alessandrini, after giving his peers a pepper spray, together with the crusader mayor Latini, who was the heir of the liberal Ciaurro, showing all his reactionary face».

Families in the family A similar tenor but opposite position from Ternani del Popolo della Famiglia, led by Mario Adinolfi: "Motivations and motivations are pervaded by discourses, now customary and politically inspired, reminiscent of the theme of respect and integration. The people of the Umbria family believe that it is ridiculous and grotesque, thus trying to promote respect for other confessions to avoid disturbances or disadvantages when the discrimination process is in fact diametrically inverse. It's not about making anakronistic crusades. It's about respecting the tradition of a religion that has made Italy great and beautiful, which has inspired law, art and politics, and also respects the holy freedom of those who claim to be Christians. "Our consideration goes beyond a sterile populism that just wants a return to the past."

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