Wednesday , June 16 2021

Emily Ratajkowski supersexy for her new swimwear

Emily Ratajkowski supersexy for her new swimwear

Emily Ratajkowski more sexy than ever: the 27-year-old star of Polish descent returns to push her followers crazy Instagram. The career of one of the sexiest women on the planet now travels on several parallel tracks: model, of course, but thanks to the remarkableness acquired in recent years, is also a stylist. Not to mention the movie career and social engagement, other activities like the beautiful Emily are doing very well.

on Instagram, in these last hours, Emily Ratajkowski He sends his followers to extas thanks to a few shots where the model carries very exciting swimsuit, most of them designed by her, for her company, Inamorata. Two days ago, the shot of a Bikini really white "minimal" had looked at Instagram Stories and sent fans to raptures.

Everything crazy for Emily Ratajkowski, which these days have fun and also test as a photographer of other models posing for their line of swimwear. The most appreciated shots are, however, those where Emily turns on the lens, with other nice pieces of the line she designed.

Sexy as always, Emily Ratajkowski has a good career as an actress: soon it will be possible to see her in the TV series welcome home, a high-erotic thriller, where he is shown next to Aaron Paul and Riccardo Scamarcio. Six scenes, as recognized by the same actor of Breaking badly, has not been much appreciated by his wife: an jealous more than understandable … Last updated: 11:20 © RESERVED REPRODUCTION

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