Monday , October 18 2021

EUROSPORT – Icardi Tormentone, the soap opera closes at the end of the photo. The truth about Juve and Naples


The dominance of the Serie A market is still far from its conclusion: We have to wait until the last days of August or early September.

"Dzeko push Icardi at Juventus release Coutinho Neymar to Barcelona ". In the national press, eyes focused on the Bosnian innovating with the Roma and leaving the Argentine in orbit Juventus. The playmaker goes to Bayern Munich to favor Neymar's return to Catalonia. Cellinos Brescia, in addition to Balotelli, also dreams of Marchisio. Icardi-Juventus: green light after the renewal of Dzeko This is the title we will find this morning on the cover of Tuttosport. The Bosnian signs for Rome until 2022 and Inter remain displaced: hypothesis Llorente or Milik for Nerazzurri, while Maurito only wants Bianconeri.

As also analyzed by Eurosport, The impact of the renewal of Edin Dzeko with the Roma could significantly affect the negotiation between Juventus and Inter with also at the center Paulo Dybala. Icardi is waiting for Juventus who was and remains his first choice. Inter would exchange with Dybala, but Juventus would not want to switch the player to a draw. The Naples track considering the exchange with Milik is a little more complicated. This catch phrase, which we have been carrying out for several months, is destined to end only at the end of the transfer market.

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