Monday , October 18 2021

"Face of cu * o, I'll score a point with you"


Francesco Monte and Giulia Salemi, Chapter Fifty. After the trials of recent days, the former Tronist and Infactor have come to a new one breakpoint. And this time it definitely seems. This is revealed by the site "", which reports a section that would have happened tonight in the House.

To ignite the fate of the dispute, some considerations of Giulia that annoyed Monte. The girl complained that he did not feel emotionally enough with her. Open up the sky: Francis, who has never denied living the relationship "with feet of lead", is broken out.

"I tell you the truth, if you cry amen"Cecilia said to Giulia, urging her not to misunderstand her feelings," Better than telling lies. "" When I told, "I'm going back," Giulia replied "you chased me" Let's create peace i need you. "So you have to be consistent." And he: "We could be close to mature people. You are a child. You let me go past the stroller. I'm taking a break with you. "Her response is dry:" I add three points to you. You are not consistent, but stop, go, go. But, according to you, am I on your orders? I am a human being. "" Very toxic to him: Face or cu * o. […] You are a bad girl so you do not treat your friends Francesco Monte. "

Giulia was then ventilated with Le Donatella, to which he explained that Francesco is too focused on the image of himself at home. "He thinks of the cameras, He is worried about the message he sends to the public, he thinks on Monday, not me. I'm super quiet ".

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