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Federer-Thiem 6-2 6-3 (Video Highlights Atp Finals London 2018): Switzerland continues to run for semi-finals


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Roger Federer is still in operation to qualify for the semifinal of Atp Finals London 2018. The Swiss, seeded No. 2, became better by the Austrian Dominic Thiem, with the score 6-2 6-3 after just one hour and seven minutes of play. In this way, the native of Basel plays everything against South African Kevin Anderson, while Wiener Neustadt native almost eliminated and will meet Japanese Kei Nishikori on the last day of Hewitt group. Excellent service management for the Swiss, which gives crumbs and limits the overall non-compulsion error (11), while the Austrian makes a good 34 and is the author of an opaque trial showing the lack of adaptability of his game on this type of field and undergoes two breaks in both sets.


(2) ROGER FEDERER – (6) DOMINIC THIEM 6-2 6-3, Center Court
Hewitt Group's Second Day, Atp Finals London 2018 (Indoor Cement)

22.18 – PLAY, SET AND MATCH FEDERER! The Austrian misses the volley and closes the match after 1h and 7th (36th duration of the second batch)
22,18 –
Good backhand and other match point for the Swiss
22.17 –
Too far Federer from the bottom and can not recover. 40 even
22.16 –
On the row reversed by the Swiss. 30-40 and match point
22.16 –
Straight fence: 30 evenly
22.15 –
Good low sliding volumes. 15 even
22.15 –
On the web at the back of Thiem, after the service. 0-15
22.13 –
Ace in the middle and 0 games for Federer. 5-3
22.13 –
Rovescio fence from the Austrian. 30-0
22.10 –
Good game for Wiener Neustadt native, won at 0. 4-3
22.09 –
Ace of Thiem. 15-0
22.08 –
The Basel Indians make their own game. 30 unforeseen errors for the Austrian, 10 for the Swiss: 4-2
22.08 –
Passage crossed straight towards Thiem: very soft in the Federer attack. 40-15
22.07 –
Service and straight in Swiss. 40-0
22.04 –
The Austrian is joking. 3-2
22.03 –
Thiem saves a double chance and has a 3-2 ball
22.00 –
Another mistake, this time with the wrong page. 40-30
21.59 –
The exchange is prolonged and the Austrian is still wrong, this time straight. 30-15
21.57 –
The game easily won by the Swiss. 3-1
21.56 –
Veronica failed, but Thiem sends reverse on the web. 30-0
21.56 –
Service and straight to Federer. 15-0
21.54 –
The Austrian kept joking at 15. 2-1
21.51 –
Play at 0 for the Swiss, with an ace in the middle, and break confirmed. 2-0
21.49 – BREAK FEDERER! Another bad mistake by Thiem and Switzerland continues in the second part: 1-0
21.49 –
Another double foul of the Austrian: 15-40 and immediately gives another two breakpoints
21.48 –
Very good with the back of Helvetic. 15-30
21.46 – Start the second set, serve again Thiem
21.44 – GAMES AND FIRST SET FEDER! Service and counterattack right to close this first part after 31 & # 39;
21.43 –
40-15 and two points for the Swiss
21.42 –
Good backhand line for Austrian. 15 even
21.39 – DOUBLE BREAK FEDERER! Played a low record and the Austrian misses the volley: 5-2 and can now close the set
21.39 –
Another double foul and the chance to have a double break for the Swiss. 30-40
21.38 –
But then the volume is wrong. 15-30
21.37 –
Big straight from Thiem. 15 even
21.36 –
Ace to close the game. 4-2
21.36 –
Swiss big volcano 40-15
21.35 –
Winning response from the Austrian. 0-15
21.33 –
Winning external service for Thiem, this time holding the joke. 3-2
21.32 –
Still a mistake with the straight inside. 40 even
21.31 –
Good backhand. 30 evenly
21.30 –
Double foul of the Austrian. 15-30
21.29 –
Ace in the center and Federer confirms the break. 3-1
21.28 –
Winning service and serving and volley. 30-15
21.27 –
The Swiss serving and the volley are not successful. 0-15
21.25 – BREAK FEDERER! Still a straight fault of Thiem, this time in length. 2-1
21.24 –
Immediately into the Austrian network: 30-40 and the second allowed break
21.23 –
Another straight fence from the Swiss. 30 evenly
21.23 –
Two straight errors of Thiem. 15-30
21.21 –
Good game also for Federer, who makes an ace and wins it at 30 1-1
21.18 –
In the end, the Austrian will succeed in making his first match. 0-1
21.17 –
Another Thiem error. Third parity
21.16 –
Second parity
9.15 pm –
Big straight pass. Internal advantage
9.15 pm –
Excellent first. 40 even
21.14 –
Along the Austrian straight: 30-40 and immediately break the ball
21.14 –
Swiss side reverse column. 30 evenly
21.13 –
He settles in straight line. 15-30
21.12 –
Bad mistake under the Thiem network. 0-30
21.12 –
Backhand fence. 0-15
21.12 –
Start the match, serve the Austrian
21.03 –
Players in the field of heating
19.14 –
Good evening, fans of Super News and welcome to the direct written by Mattia Orlandi. In the second double match and not before 21:00 we will join Federer-Thiem, who will close the Hewitt Group's current program at the O2 Arena

Federer faces Thiem in his second match at Atp Finals London 2018

The Swiss, No. 2 of Seed, has joined the group Lleyton Hewitt and suffered a defeat by the Japanese Kei Nishikori in the first match. In the second part of Atp Finals, which could already be crucial if you will see it with the Austrian Dominic Thiem (No. 6, defeated by South African Kevin Anderson in the first day), with the latter ahead with 2-1 in precedent.

Wiener Neustadt native started in 2018 a Doha, where he arrives at the semifinals but has to retire while he is onAustralian Open ends at the fourth round. In February he plays in the South American country and won the title a Buenos Aires (beat Slovenian in the final Aljaz Bedene) and quit the quarters a Rio de Janeiro. In March he plays Acapulco and in Master 1000 of Indian Wells, where he collects the quarterfinals and a third-round withdrawal (which will force him to skip the tournament of Miami).

With the start of the "official" season on the red back good results: quarterfinals on the Masters 1000 of Monte Carlo and a Barcelona, last a Madrid (defeat in the final of German Alexander Zverev), second round in 1000 of Romewin a Lyon (beat the French in the last act Gilles Simon) and last al Roland Garros, where he is defeated by "King of Clay" Rafael Nadal. On the grass playing Halle but he is eliminated in the second round, just to be immediately defeated Wimbledon and make a volatile return on clay: quarters in Hamburg and the second round a Kitzbuhel.

When he returns to the concrete fields, he loses in the second round of 1000 in Toronto but reaches the quarterfinals on US Open, first in a Slam outside the French Open, then closes the season and qualifies for the ATP final thanks to the victory at St. Petersburg (defeat Slovak in the final Martin Klizan), second round in 1000 of Shanghai, the quarters a Vienna and the semifinal in 1000 of Paris Bercy.

Federer – Thiem, precedent
Stuttgart 2016 – Grass – Semifinal – THIEM b. Federer 3-6 7-6 (7) 6-4
Rom 2016 – Wrought Ground – third round – THIEM b. Federer 7-6 (2) 6-4
Brisbane 2016 – Cement – Semifinals – FEDERER b. Thiem 6-7 (4) 6-1 6-4

Federer – Thiem, was following the match
The meeting will be seen in exclusive live on the channels Sky Sport, with the ability to follow it also in live streaming through the services Sky go and NOW TV.

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