Sunday , October 24 2021

Gianmarco Amicarelli / Jane Alexander in crisis: he chooses to go to Barbara's "Urso" (Sunday Live)


Gianmarco Amicarelli will for the first time be a guest at Barbara D & # 39; Urso, under the new section Domenica Live. The same TV presenter announced it via the shared stories about Instagram. Our National Carmelite actually showed a clip confirming the participation of Jane Alexandre's ex-boyfriend in her TV room. From this point of view, it is an extreme expectation, as Elia Fongaro, the boy for whom the actress has questioned her love story, should be the same day. In fact, Elia should look for a meeting place with Marchesa del Secco and Alessandro Cecchi Paone, eliminated last Monday night and often a guest at Barbarella's TV talk show. Episode not to miss? Absolutely yes! (Update of Valentina Gambino)

Jane Alexander is confused

We continue to talk about Gianmarco Amicarelli and Jane Alexander inside the house's house Big Brother Vip 2018. During the last few hours, the actress has experienced a moment of confusion inside the house thinking of the romance with her partner. The actress burst into tears due to some songs reminding her of a few moments spent with Gianmarco Amicarelli, the music that left GF's red door. Everything happened because of a melancholy song that made the actor blasted in tears. Jane then talked to Marina Hamdy, Benedetta Mazza and Giulia Provvedi, saying, "I think of Gianmarco, what could have been. things can go different. I'm talking before I enter. I sent him some signals, maybe I could have done more".

Jane Alexander likes Gianmarco Amicarelli

These are hard days for Jane Alexander inside the house's house Big Brother Vip 3. In fact, the actress "Elisa di Rivombrosa" lives a moment of great nostalgia, reminiscent of her love story with the music. a story he thought had submitted, but may need some clarity. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It may be different. It's a bestial sin, that's a bad thing. It's sad to die for. I'm so sorry for us. I can not shut my brain off. I have a mixture of dissatisfaction, pain and anger that you have no idea about " She trusted the actress to her friends after listening to some songs inside the house.

Elia Fongaro: "I'm not Engaged"

Meanwhile, outside the house of the Big Brother Vip 2018, Elia Fongaro He called his situation Jane Alexander. Guest in the living room of the morning five, conducted by Federica Panicucci, the Venetian model would once and for all put the dots on my mind and say it on the "alleged relationship" with Jane: "I was crushed but we are not engaged. I could find an easier way. If I went straight, it means there is interest. You have an earlier situation outside the home. When he comes out, he must first clean things with his ex. Afterwards we meet again and decide what to do. "

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