Wednesday , April 21 2021

Going like crayfish helps improve memory

Going backwards like shrimp helps to "go back" in time, which proves to be an excellent exercise to improve memory. This is suggested by an English study published in the journal "Cognitive" and conducted by Aleksandar Aksentijevic at the University of Roehampton.
Based on an idea of ​​the relationship between movement in space and movement over time, the researchers involved 114 volunteers in a series of experiments. First, the participants saw a video with a crime scene, or a list of words or a series of pictures. Then the volunteers must go forward or backward or simply stand or even imagine back and forth and immediately after these movement actions, the researchers asked them to remember the details of the crime, repeating the words in the list or the subjects of the images they remembered.

It proved good that the shrimps immediately before they undergo memory tests are associated with higher memory performance. It is as if the backward movement began in mind a journey in the past. "In summary – write the authors – we report for the first time a clear effect on the memory of the journey in time with the mind stimulated by physical movement. Our results indicate that memory can not be seen isolated from the remaining cognitive system or from all human experience. instead of being a dust domain whose task is to store information and make it available, memory is part of a system that combines perceptions, thoughts and actions. So memory is dynamic and basically linked to today's experience » © RESERVED REPRODUCTION

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