Saturday , May 15 2021

here is 50GB in 4G every month at a space price

TIM Iron will hit Iliad: here's 50GB in 4G every month at a space price

The boss who may more than others does not need any presentation or further commendation is definitely TIM. This big company showed Italy and not just what happened in a phone key.

In fact, in recent years only reinforced the conviction of providers to be the strongest in Italy, although it has recently shown some certainty. He let this happen Iliad, new manager who arrived in Italy with quite a bellicoside. By this time, we can not fail to note that this new boss has been very harmed competition. Many are the users whom TIM has lost and in fact is the intention now react.

TIM: New Iron Promotion for 50 Giga users available every month, reads the price you do not believe in your eyes

TIM never gives up and this summer the supplier showed the best of themselves. In fact, his offerings really went beyond imagination and all thanks to the thick advertising campaign.

All this, however, also draws the sum at the end, seemed in vain, because Iliad continues to steal users every day. For this reason, TIM has decided to start its nominated promo Iron, which offers a lot about content. The price is fantastic and only corresponds 6.99 euro per month with all inclusive. The fact is that there is minutes without limits against everything but above all 50 gig in 4G every month.

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