Friday , May 14 2021

Inter, Marotta arrives and prepares the assault against Modric (RUMORS)

These are very important days at home Interview that after the defeat in the league against Atalanta, one has to rethink certain collateral created after the positive philotope of seven consecutive victories in the league. As a first step, Nerazzurri is ready to change the management structure with the arrival of former Juventus CEO [VIDEO], Giuseppe Marotta who has officially dismissed the Juventus club after winning the championship against Naples in early October. The boss, among other things, according to increasingly demanding rumors, could become official of Inter in December and will therefore work as early as the next window of football.

The first goal, almost worthless to say, seems to be Luka Modric last summer was the main character in a merger of the market with the Milanese club.

The arrival of Marotta could facilitate negotiations with Real

The first goal for Inter in the next transition session would therefore always be him. Nerazzurri needs a midfielder to raise the quality of the rose, as part of that level is missing. But the long telenovela Modric also took tensions between the two leading companies. The blancos protector, Florentino Perez, condemned the Milan club to FIFA for contacts with Modric's entourage without his permission. Termination ceased in vacuum, given that the same Croatian midfielder denied that he was sought by Inter (apparently the opposite, ed).

The conditions now appear to be less tense [VIDEO] and could be even more cordial thanks to the intermediation of the likely future manager of Inter. Marotta has good relations with the Real management and it can facilitate any negotiations for Modric. The Croatian, however, refused the renewal of the contract, which is currently terminated in June 2020, indicating that he has not lost his desire to leave the Spanish capital to try a new experience. The inter offer, according to rumors, can be between twenty-twenty-five million euros, as compensation that Real would accept to avoid finding a player who has expired.


Inter, which, however, does not want to risk other thoughts and to remain empty-handed as last summer, and therefore we are thinking of possible alternatives. As reported by Sportmediaset, Marotta should face the sunbathing of Suning, Jindong Zhangto meet him personally before he's finally in operation and among the players who can put in the searcher there is also Cagliari midfielder, Nicolò Barella who had followed in the past past also for Juventus.

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